…what’s not to like?

Island Cowgirl was voted one of the best (or like I like to say “bestest”) companies to work for in Orange County by OC Metro Magazine…not sure how that happened. We beat out bigger & badder companies.

Maybe it was the “free puppy kisses” sign at the store when Dexxy Midnight comes to work. Or Rockin Baily in her pink tutu. Or maybe the impromptu dance contests. I personally feel it is the utter and complete lack of rules & supervision that did it. In any case we made the cover…aren’t we too cute.



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  1. I WON! I have to say that when my call came that I had won a $500 shopping spree @ the Island Cowgirl – I was so excited – writing this, I still am. My first piece I purchased locally;Springfield, IL. I never take it off and the rawhide tie finally could take no more – the store sent it back for me and I have it on again – I have two others but there is something about this one:BELIEVE, that belongs on me.
    I was telling the staff, “shucks, this is better than winning a car.” I am just tickled and if I figure how to attach or send you all a picture of the Midwest winter with our horses out back – I will. Thanks for my win, Heather.
    Barb McDonald –