….christmas at the beach

This is our uber cool Christmas window at our flagship store in Huntngton Beach…complete with twig raindeers and fluffy cotton snow. My staff did such a great job of decorating the store to make it super cozy & festive making it our best Christmas ever. Kudos to them.

If you are ever in Huntington Beach, California be sure to mozy on down to our store right near the beach. You don’t have to be a cowgirl to love our jewelry! You just have to have soul.




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  1. i just got a great telephone call. How would you like to WIN a $500 spree @ Island Cowgirl? I did win that, indeed. WOW! LOVE the jewelry. The winning call was just a further compliment to this first class company -THANKS!
    I have been to Huntington Beach; was that 1978? My brother was living the life and I had to check to see if he was OK. Oh, he was!
    NOW – I have another reason to do the West Coast – yeah, (I have been back since)it is a skip from the Midwest but can do!
    HUGS! Barbara McDonald from Chatham (Springfield) IL – Land of Lincoln.