…behind the scenes

We have been hard at work this week at Island Cowgirl on new jewelry displays for the store & tradeshows. I had the idea of collecting vintage picture frames from flea markets and using them for necklace displays.

As my friends know, I get crazy happy about Americana treasure and old relics.  My boyfriend (who is a very good Sherpa by the way) and I go all the time…Southern California is the capital of epic flea-dom. (If you do go flea-marketing…I recommend recruiting a very strong Sherpa with sharp eyes to carry your stash and co-ordinate all your loot)

Most of these frames came with pictures…obviously of loved ones from days gone by. None of us at the studio can bear to throw these out…instead we keep them…using them for collages, other artwork or just as a reminder of from whence we came. (I adore the skirt on this little girl by the way.)

Seashells, sandglass, twine and driftwood…we are going to use all of these to embellish some of the frames.




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