Recently I went back home…which for me is in upstate N.Y….I hadn’t been home for what was way too long. Time gets away…and we are so very busy living the lives we have made that we put people and memories aside. To care for later. 

We sometimes forget those deeper roots. The ones that made us who are.

When I was a little girl there was a horse stables down the road…through the woods.  At the time I was too little and too scared to even think about riding.

But I loved horses anyway. Despite the fear. I guess this was my first lesson in what courage was.  Courage vs. Fear. Which one was I gonna let win?

I would sneak off through the woods and watch those horses through the barbed wire fence…scared to death someone would see me. Or maybe a horse would come over and bite my hand off.  Or maybe someone would catch me lurking around and would let me ride one.

I was not really quite sure what tragedy I thought would befall me…but I knew one thing. I wasn’t gonna let a silly thing like fear stop me.

Not much has changed. Tenacity in hindsight pretty much looks like stupidity in the moment. Hard to tell them apart. Except later.

So, as I was driving down the road where my old house used to be and looking for the curve where the stables were…I saw that this was the only thing left.

A big blue horse. In the woods. Looking proud. And pretty much looking like he could buck me off. Anytime. Anywhere. Anyhow. Not much has changed.

happy trails!