…random acts of sweetness…

…So I was at the store the other day and a man came in…He said that everytime he came to Huntington Beach he bought something home for his wife from Island Cowgirl.

So he cruised the store…and came back with this. He got her our Fleur dis Lis necklace (which is bold and awesome) and one of our leather pouches to tuck it in.

Or should I say hide. Ok. Hide…He was going to hide it inside so that she just thought she got a leather pouch…and then surprise her with the necklace inside.

Of course, we all pretty much melted…and he gets our “Husband of the Month” award. Not to mention he has pretty good taste.

We loved it because we subscribe to the “do one sweet thing” for the one you love each day. He met his quota.

Simone…busy wrapping it up and making it purty…

Love, Peace & Art