…changes in scenery…

We have been absent the past week…and in the midst of moving to a new studio. It was fun plotting & planning all the new colors and renovation…but the lifting of heavy things is best left to the boys. The good news is that we are now only two blocks to the beach instead of four!

The license plate peace sign is from my beloved friendĀ  Aaron Foster…he generously donated it to our charity auction for breast cancer and of course I fell in love with it and out bid everyone. It has been with us ever since.

We went a little wild with the carpets…they worked well with the burnt orange walls…we thought it was a good idea until Nigel began attacking the carpets like they were prey.

Our new lunch room…complete with built in BBQ and firepit…We still have to work on the landscaping…

Our Sharkey fountain…made by my artist friend Tony Longo out of ceramics and metal…it always makes me smile!

Happy Trails!