..big red gets a facelift…

For those of you that don’t know me very well…I am obsessed with Americana…and one of my favorite past times has been old cars.

My first love was a 1950 black sedan I had in L.A. named Cholita. She was a beauty…but temperamental. Not just anyone could drive her…only people she liked.

Then there was my pink two tone 1957 Ford Fairlane in Miami. It still had the original police lights on it…and fins for days.

It was a pitiful sight when we first found it…not really running, badly beaten down. We found an old cuban man in little Havana that spent months putting it back together. I drove that car everyday to work and back…and although it drifted a bit in the steering…(well a lot)…I loved it so.

And along comes Big Red. A 1963 Ford F100…pretty much all original except for the radio. (Which is also the only thing that tends to break…go figure).

Now Big Red took some getting used to…when you close the doors it sounds like you are shutting yourself in a sardine can. The three on the tree gear shift is sticky and unruly…and you better have some guns to turn the wheel….I actually hurt my shoulder when I first got it.

And you better not be going anywhere in a big hurry…because Big Red don’t rush.

But on the upside…Nigel gets to ride shotgun.

So, Big Red will be going in today for restoration. We’ll miss ya!



About Island Cowgirl Jewelry

Write something about myself? hmm..I am scared of fish dead or alive. I make a mean margarita. I make jewelry and am obsessed with horses. I break at the bend. I believe life is too short for TV. I believe that dogs really do smile. And I believe that without hope all magic is lost. So there.

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