…new diggs….

We “heart” our new studio by the sea…

Here is a glimpse of our new studo…Simone, my ray of sunshine, has made us the picture of uber-organization and we are lovin it!

Our bench…so nice and tidy…I think I am in love. Of course there is my bench…which has issues….but we won’t post that.

Self explainatory…this is where our one of a kinds and limited edition pieces are born! So many goodies reside here…my own private secret stash!

We use a lot of chain…A lot. We try to keep it organized…and all in a row. Like little ducks…It kind of looks like ducks? No?

So there you have it…a abbrevieated tour of our new studio. Stay posted. More to come.

Nigel & his girlfriend Olive are sure to make an appearance soon.

Olive lives next door. Nigel is hopelessly in love. Such a teenager.

Olive is bossy. She stands on his face. He lets her. They are so flippin cute.



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