…love wall…

What’s on your Love Wall? 

This is a photo of a wall I came across in Paris. I don’t remember where…or when. I just remember how I felt when I saw it.

What touched me most is how everyone joined in from far and wide and wrote their thoughts on Love…in their native language. Love really is a universal language that everyone speaks. No one really stands against it.

Sometimes I feel as if my Love Wall is so full it is overflowing. 

I am surrounded by love on a daily basis…it just picks me up & wraps me tight.

Being a pretty introverted girl…(which is just a nice way of saying borderline oblivious)…It always takes my breath away when the people in my life rally around me to celebrate my joys & to mourn my losses …and to just generally pick me up when I am on my knees. It always surprises me. Even when I know it shouldn’t…because that’s just how they roll.

I hope my love wall always looks this full. And colorful. And shouts out loud in any language.

XOXO & Lots of it.