…OOAK…also known as one-of-a-kind…

…we have launched a new section of our website called one-of-a-kind…also known in the artist’s community as OOAK…

This has been great for my creative juices as I get to let my imagination run wild….without thinking about having to replicate…Often I find stones or chain or really random interesting items to incorporate into my line…however I know I cannot find enough to supply our 400 stores that we currently sell to.  Enter our OOAK…and now the rules don’t apply. (Oh, how I love to say those words!)

My current love affair is with Drusy stones…these are pretty rare and the colors are never the same. They are rough, rugged &  sparkly. What more could a girl want. I have been told they have special healing qualities. I just believe they are magical….

These are all available on our Island Cowgirl website or at our store in Huntington Beach, CA.

Having just returned from the once a year Tucson Gem Show…I have lots of goodies coming on up. I have one word…Turquoise!

Peace, love & Horses!