Island Cowgirl Flagship Store
We are coming up on our 4th year anniversary of our Flagship Store in Huntington Beach so we decided to give it a face lift….we ordered a bunch of new displays & proceeded to tear into the store one random Sunday afternoon…loaded with Starbucks (for fuel) and a toolbox (for our resident Bob the Builder).

We ordered a large vintage bakers rack which was assembled in the parking lot until we figured out it wouldn’t go through the door…and then it finally found a home in the corner. Right now we have it loaded up with one of our favorite artists Papaya…and topped with my trusty, rusty flying pig.

Next up was my vintage school book idea. Now not all of my ideas are good…and most of the time my peeps think I am crazy when I try to describe said ideas…but I am always willing to throw myself under the bus and try.

This one turned out well…we ripped apart every single jewelry case and added our custom rusted steel trays that we have been diligently rusting on the patio…and the vintage books. Thankfully it all worked together…otherwise I would be lugging home a lot of books & metal.

Whew…that was a lot of work…but so worth it…We are now ready for the summer crowds. Bring them on!