…the artist-e at work…

Island Cowgirl Jewelry


…working on the new Summer 2012 collection & the new catalog…here is some of the layout…So high tech! Oil pencils and crayons

The way it works is that we sketch out all of the new items that we are going to put in…and then we sketch out all of the one’s we think we are going to maybe put in…and then we make up samples of each.

At that point we do a first cut and figure out which one’s are fabulous…and which ones didn’t quite cut the mustard. Then we go through the previous year’s catalog and try to figure out which designs we are going to “retire”.

This process can go on for two months…if we are lucky! With many additions & subtractions! It is a fun process to see it all come together and it can also be extremely time consuming & difficult as designs we were sure were going to be the bomb…don’t quite come to life.

We hope to have the new catalog ready to ship at the end of June…Stay tuned!