…my mom…

…this is my Mom. 

She was such a great beauty. Even more inside than out. People thought she was a movie star. Such a gentle soul and a giving spirit. She gave & she gave…and then gave some more.

She never complained about the three wild children she gave birth to. She said we were “fun”. I remember us being completely wild. There was lots of blood, dirt & scars. And that was on a good day.

I am who I am today because of my mom. 

Fiercely loyal. A dreamer. Sometimes optimistically delusional. Strong. Too much so at times. Insanely independent. Which drives those close to me up the wall. I never give up…even when I should. I believe in miracles, true love and all things soft & furry. 

Thanks mom. I was so incredibly lucky to have you as my mom. You are the bomb. Happy Mother’s Day!