…art is a labor of love…

I am in the process of shooting the new catalog…and wanted to do something super different than anything we have done before. I thought painted driftwood backgrounds would either be fabulous…or a disaster. And being the risk taker that I am…we went on the hunt for the perfect driftwood specimens.

Off to Crystal Cove we went…which is usually littered with random wood. Crystal cove has one of the best views in California and if you ever out this way…you must go.

It is a little piece of paradise…and has quite a history that includes squatters, tent city, old hollywood polynesian movies & the raising of the martini flag every evening at 5PM. If you want to know more just do a Google search…I could fill 5 blog posts about why this is my favorite place in California.

See what I mean. Driftwood Galore.

Of course I couldn’t resist scouting out future sites for product shots. This rock jutting out of the sand is wonderful.

And here we go…wish me luck!