…bravery, peace & lost treasure…

What we’re wearing around the studio today….Bravery & Peace Bracelet

I love this bracelet and have worn it almost everyday for 5 years…There is a story behind this and why I keep it close.

When I was 20 I left New York City and went to live on the Caribbean island of St. Martin…which was great. I lived on a Catamaran, sold my jewelry on the beach, lost all of my shoes from the dock box and made a lot of friends. After about I year it was really time to go home. I just had one problem. One way flights were a lot of money. More money than I really had.

So I did the next best thing…I caught a ride. Some friends of mine sailed up to Florida each year to dive for buried treasure. It was always during Hurricane season as this is when the sand is churned up and the long buried treasure is most likely to be found.

Now the 1500 mile sail back up to Florida is a story within itself. I won’t get into too much detail here except to say…it involved a long sail spanning over several weeks, a lot of dolphins, one large pissed off mommy whale and an even larger storm which involved all of us tying ourselves to the mast and saying our prayers.

Once we got to Florida…barefoot and sea torn but in one piece which was a miracle in itself…I decided to stay on for the treasure hunt. My most unique asset to the team involved being able to hold my breath under water for long periods of time. (Thanks to my brothers when I was growing up).

We were diving on a wreck where 12 Spanish Galleons had gone down in 1812. The Galleons were bringing families to the New World along with all of their earthly belongings. Most of it was gold bars, gold coins and lots of gold. You get the idea.

We did find gold that summer. And a lot of silver bullion. It wasn’t a glamourous story of finding. One night there was a huge storm. I woke up to a beautiful sunrise and jumped overboard to cool off. And there in 12 feet of the clearest water you ever did see…30 feet from shore and high rise condos was a pile of gold. Just sitting there so pretty.

In that day gold coins were imprinted on one side with the Kings stamp…and on the other was the coat of arms of the person that owned it. And they would clip off little pieces of the coins to pay for things. So they are not all round. In fact none of them are really round.

Set into the cross of the Bravery & Peace inspirational bracelet is actually an impression of one of these coins…The same coin which has always brought me luck.

I only hope it does the same for you…


About Island Cowgirl Jewelry

Write something about myself? hmm..I am scared of fish dead or alive. I make a mean margarita. I make jewelry and am obsessed with horses. I break at the bend. I believe life is too short for TV. I believe that dogs really do smile. And I believe that without hope all magic is lost. So there.

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