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A few weeks ago a complete stranger reached out to me with a plea. She knew I was from Rochester, NY and there was a cause there that she felt that I should know about. People that needed help.

Now you have to understand…this is my busiest time of the year. Not only do I have a wholesale business that sells to hundreds of stores around the country, a retail store, an online website and  design deadlines for the January collection…but my mom was diagnosed with lung cancer recently. So to say my plate was full was a massive understatement. The days that I get up at 4AM in the morning and begin work are too many to count.

But when I read their story about these selfless heroes I knew that I could not say no. For some reason I kept thinking back to my recent trip to Bali. In Bali they believe that you go through life being kind. You smile. You don’t steal. You help people and you are gracious. Period. Not negotiable. And these people, who have less than nothing in many cases, practice this.

While we were there, my husband & I got caught on our motorcycle…(well, really it was a scooter embellished with flame decals but whatever) in a big rainstorm. We passed some workers on the road repaving the road. The way they do it there is a bit different from here.

A woman was carrying what appeared to be a giant cookie sheet of steaming hot asphalt on her head from the dump truck to the part of the road they were repaving. Back and forth. Back and forth. In 110 degree heat. In the rain. And she was smiling. It was about the most miserable kind of work I could ever imagine. And she had zippo to smile about…but yet she was.

I said to my husband…If I ever complain about my life again please punch me in the face.

Through living in a few third world countries (and other countries too) …I have come to believe that this really is the best country in the world. But we as a culture we really are spoiled rotten. Selfish. Whiney. It saddens me to say this…but it is true. We tend not to want to do anything unless we gain from it. We don’t want to help others. We wouldn’t last a minute with hot asphalt on our heads. Me included.

So this Christmas I feel that it is my obligation to help some random stranger that reached out to me. Despite the fact that I am insanely busy and the timing could not be worse. Despite the fact that I have my own heartache with my own family right now.

I just spent 36 hours trying to get home to Rochester, NY. I am going out to the Sanctuary to try to help these people.

If for nothing else but because it is the right thing to do. And because no one else is.

I hope you find it in your heart to do the same.

Donate to the H.O.R.S.E Rescue & receive 20% off


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