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It’s that time of year again…

The time when it seems all you see are happy couples strolling the streets hand in hand, the stores have unleashed masses of candy, cards and stuffed animals. Love appears everywhere your turn and whether you are in a relationship or not you tend to reflect on your own love life.

You usually hear at least once around this time of year that this is just another holiday pushed by the card and candy companies, another holiday for people to spend and that it has no real importance. In a sense, i suppose, it really doesn’t matter whether you choose to celebrate or not. It is just another day of the year after all…


That is one approach. However, wouldn’t it be amazing if we took a look at the real meaning of this holiday. The original meaning that involves no spending at all, and celebrated the concept of LOVE. Not the mushy kind but the kind that breeds compassion and consideration for your fellow man.

The holiday its self originated from the Catholic Saint Valentine’s good works. Valentine was a priest who served during the third century in Rome. The king during his time decided single men were better soldiers then married men and outlawed marriage for young men. Valentine continued to preformed marriages in secret. Until his actions were discovered and he was put to death.

Valentine gave his life to preserve the right to love and marry. This example of his sacrifice for love, and his passion for this cause is how we should reflect on this holiday.The true purpose of this holiday shouldn’t be forgotten or ignored. We should always remember to love and fight for love, just as Saint Valentine did.

So next time you hear someone talking negatively, bashing this holiday, don’t fall into the trap of bitterness, know that this day is a reminder to spread love and joy in the lives of others and any excuse to bring love and joy into the lives of others is a good one.

“Love is life. All, everything that I understand, I understand only because I love. Everything is, everything exists, only because I love.”
– Leo Tolstoy

Happy Valentine’s Day!

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Write something about myself? hmm..I am scared of fish dead or alive. I make a mean margarita. I make jewelry and am obsessed with horses. I break at the bend. I believe life is too short for TV. I believe that dogs really do smile. And I believe that without hope all magic is lost. So there.

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