…so long sweet summer…


About this time each year, as the weather begins to change, and the days become shorter… you realize summer is coming to a close and you say good-bye to that beautiful season that is leaving as quickly as it came.

My horse and I saw this florescent pink sunset the other day with hues of turquoise and tangerine…it was if the sky was on fire. ¬†And all I can feel is blessed.

Its impossible to witness a sky like this with out reflecting on your blessings… this sky itself was on the top of the list of things to be grateful for.

Natural beauty and the summer season are a driving force of inspiration for so much Island Cowgirl jewelry… Our Palm tree necklace is just one of the several pieces that serves as a little ode to summer beauty…
Its a perfect way to keep a little piece of summer close to your heart all year long…


Our Ocean Dream Necklace is another one of our favorites…a nice way to hold on to a small part of the summer season, the sunny beach days are now over and this starfish is a cute reminder of sand toes, tan skin and salty air.

Well, its time to say it! So long sweet summer, its been a wonderful few months, we enjoyed your stay… and we look forward to seeing you next year… but for now its ‘Hello’ to Fall!