sweet summer time*

tide pool starfish bracelet
We’ve compiled some of our summer time bracelet favorites. Things are really starting to warm up here in Southern California! We’re hitting that warm beach sand, basking in the sun,  swimming in the deep green beautiful ocean and its all right in our back back-yard!

We’re already mapping out our summer adventures and figuring out which of our jewelry pieces are “must haves” for the season!

The Tide Pool Bracelet with a little tiny starfish is one of my favorites.

The Blossom’ Bracelet…
inspirational silver jewelry cherish life
The Cherish Life Bracelet
butterfly bracelet
sun bracelet
The Sweet Summer Bracelet
Starfish Silver Bracelet
Hope everyone else is getting as excited for summer as we are! We realize not every one gets an early summer like we do here on the west coast… we hope the sunshine starts to come out soon for all of you! Sending lots of rays of light and positivity to everyone who isn’t yet experiencing this golden warm weather!