If you didn’t already know…we picked up and moved to Nashville from California a few months ago.The reasons were plenty…but mostly we wanted a simpler life, greener pastures and to be closer to family. moving2

California was getting increasingly more crowded and expensive and we really just wanted space.


It wasn’t easy as my husband & I had both been in California for more than 10 years and we both knew moving would be like moving the Titanic.
So we up and did it anyway. We up and moved a house, a horse, a dog, a studio, a store, two employees and 4 cars…three of them vintage. It took several weeks and two cross country trips. Describing it as not easy does not really do it justice.

We got a little silly half way through…Nigel was a trooper and handled the trip very well.

The hardest part was leaving all of our friends and our little store by the sea. It was very hard to say goodbye…I am not the best at goodbyes and this one pretty much was a doozy. We were walking away from an entire life that we had built…and not really for any good reason other than I felt like Nashville was where we needed to be.
Everyone showed up at our garage sale ready to help!
We really miss everyone in California but life is a journey and ever changing and our new adventure in Nashville is already taking on a wonderful life of its own…We can’t wait to share it all with you!