ever after or 49 years…whichever comes first*

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Happy 49th Anniversary to Sheila & Frank! This is my good friend Sheila…many of you know her as our Tuesday girl at our store. She is also Nigel’s honorary grandma and was the first employee ever at Island Cowgirl. 

When I was getting married not only did we ask her to preform the ceremony…but we asked for some words of wisdom on a long and happy marriage…here is what she had to say…

1. Laugh a lot. Preferably together.
2. No fisticuffs.
3. Never yell at each other unless the house is on fire.
And 4. When you buy gifts for each other give them at least a full minute of thought. (She received a romantical meat grinder on her 1st anniversary from her beloved…so this one is very close to her heart)

We love you more than words can say Sheila & Smokey O’ Brien! Hope you have many more…

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