upcycled displays*

As you know we LOVE flea markets, barn sales, antique stores and pretty much anything retro…so when we found these salvaged window frames at our friend Heide’s store Village Vintage in Leipers Fork we knew we had to make them into something cool.

Our new T-shirt line had just come in and we were struggling with how to display them in a fun but non-cluttered way. Not easy. We had thrown around tons of ideas but none seemed quite right.


And then we wandered into Heide’s store…as we always do right after lunch…and saw these frames. And had to have them.
Of course I usually come up with the grandiose ideas and my handy husband is left to actually execute them.
This time my talented mother-in-law who’s crafty-ness is legendary saves the day again…she helped turn these salvaged windows into the perfect display for our store. You can check out all of our new T-shirt designs HERE on our website!