leipers fork yardsale*

We popped by the Leipers Fork Yard sale last weekend…It is a fund raising event for  Leipers Fork & the surrounding communities…The proceeds of the event are placed in a community fund and are given to people in the community as needed. This may include utility bills, groceries & presents for children at Christmas time.

Such a worthy cause…so we headed out in questionable weather…and in between rain drops (well really storms) checked it out and wanted to help the cause…rain or shine.

Antique Archeology from American Pickers fame was out in full force…they had a very cool booth with lots of reclaimed & original Americana. As always. We said howdy to the folks there…who also happen to be our neighbors in Marathon Village.


I am a big sucker for Air Stream trailers…love, love, love. Later in the weekend Eric Heatherly played under the big top canopy…among others.  There was lots of vintage finds, artwork and reclaimed & up cycled art. Just my kind of sale.


My favorite find of the day was when I turned a corner and there was my friend & fellow artist Sundie from Vintage Sculpture. I haven’t seen her in a few years…and was so happy to have a chance to share some good laughs, hide under her tent during a downpour and check out some of her new artwork in person that we may want to carry in the store.


A big shout out to all the volunteers…who braved the storms, directed traffic and when need be…pushed people out of the mud. They put their heart and soul into this event. All on their own time…on their own dime.
Because they are proud of this little community called Leipers Fork. All because they care. And because they call it home. And I am proud to call it home right along side of them.
Island Cowgirl hopes to join in next year…cannot wait.