postcards from the farm*

gypsy vanner

Here are a few postcards from the farm this spring…We moved to Tennessee one year ago this May on a wing and a prayer…with the wind at our back we sold our beach house in California and moved across the country. In the past year we have opened a store, built a farm, a barn, got another horse and learned a lot that we didn’t know about living on the land. It has been a wild ride…but we wouldn’t trade it for anything…gypsy vanner

Flat Stanley made an appearance all the way from California and Libby thought he was pretty funny…
gypsy vanner
Nigel and his posse…he herds them instead of sheep…
And Miss Libby loves to fall asleep in pasture…Here she fell asleep on my arm and was snoring…she has the sweetest little snore.
XOXO ~heather