from cma fest with love

Here are some of our favorite memories from this years CMA Fest which we were honored to be a part of…We met people from all over the world including Denmark, the UK and Austrailia who made a special trip to Nashville just to hear us jam…they were some of the most enthusiastic, happiest fans we have come across. There was even one group who’s flight was cancelled in Upstate NY who walked out, rented a car and drove 16 hours. Now that is dedication…

The first thing we saw when bringing in boxes were the Budwiser Clydesdales. Of course this made me very happy as I love horses…and drafts. They were so huge and gentle giants. I had to make a play to snuggle their little noses.




There was a great celebrity charity auction to raise money…the items donated were awesome and very generous.
Our booth setup…Hopefully next year we will get a larger booth…It was packed all four days of the show!