your fall fix*

leather wrap bracelet

In the depths of summer…it got pretty hot down here in the south…I’m not gonna lie. I began yearning for fall…and although it hasn’t come yet here…I am beginning to see subtle signs. The first leaves began falling from the cherry tree into my horses paddock…August 21st…right on schedule. Each morning when I go out to the barn there are more and more.
Both Sunny and Libby are sprouting little baby chick hairs further up on their legs…a sign that their winter coats are coming in and their winter feather…despite the fact that it is still 90 here in Tennessee.

The horse flies are out in full force…something that is a sign of late summer and early fall…And Sundance sticks close to me following me around like a puppy dog…mostly because he knows I swat them off of him so he can continue his grazing in peace. That boy lives to eat.

Here are some great ideas for back to school…or just fall in general…

cowgirl necklace

Our Cowgirl Bar Necklace….a big favorite! I heart this and want to make one for myself in gold…We have a series of them that say “mom”, “blessed”, “gypsy”, “mrs.” and more…Check them out HERE.


Some other awesome goodies…Our Hotter than a $2 Pistol Bracelet, our Blessed Toggle Wrap, and awesome rings…stacked up high.
We are proud that all of our jewelry is made right here in Nashville, TN….with love. Stop by and see us in one of our two stores…Marathon Village or Leipers Fork.

About Island Cowgirl Jewelry

Write something about myself? hmm..I am scared of fish dead or alive. I make a mean margarita. I make jewelry and am obsessed with horses. I break at the bend. I believe life is too short for TV. I believe that dogs really do smile. And I believe that without hope all magic is lost. So there.

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