bohemian rings*

bohemian rings dragonfly ring puppy paw ring
I have always been a little crazy about rings…maybe that is why we have so many in our line…
My favorites are our Puppy Paw Ring and Double Horseshoe…but of course that is pretty much a given as the things that give me the most peace and happiness are my dogs & horses. Surprise, surprise…I know that comes as a bit of a shock to you all…as I seem to post tons of pictures of them all the time.

gypsy vanner horse
Like now for example. Ok…I couldn’t resist. She does have a cute butt. Kind of reminiscent of Kim Kardashian’s butt.
And don’t forget her Jennifer Aniston hairdo…
bohemian stacking rings
Ok…back to rings. Here are some of our awesome stacking rings…they are super popular, not to mention fun as you can stack them up high and make them your own…
Our Corset Ring and Long Peace Sign Ring…Great for nurturing your inner hippie!
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