postcards from the farm*

You don’t see a double rainbow come along everyday. Does it mean we get two wishes and two pots of gold?

People ask me quite often about living on a farm…and don’t I miss the city or the beach? The answer is …no, not really.  I read a wonderful little post by Dalarna Farm that just about says it all…

Quite regularly, someone seems to say to me “Oh but doesn’t that farm and all those animals really tie you down?”

Why yes, yes they do.

They tie me to starting my day when the sun rises and ending it well after the sun sets…but it means I always get to see them both.

They tie me to the rhythm of the seasons…the might of the winter blizzard, the first spring breeze carrying the scent of rain, the towering glory of a summer thunderhead and the fall of leaves from the poplar trees.

They tie me to concentrating on the chores that need to be done right now…not the regrets of yesterday nor the worries for tomorrow.

This farm and all these animals keep me tied down to earth when the rest of of the universe tries to flip me upside down.

And so I would much rather be tied down here than set adrift in the tumultuous sea I see so many others in. I find this mooring rather to my liking.

Perfectly said. And that…is exactly how I feel about my farm. Check out Dalarna Farm on their Facebook page…Lots to learn about chickens!

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