…helping hands…or paws…

This week around the studio we have been doing a photo shoot for our new website…It has been a lot of fun…but we battled some rain, some cold, a big praying mantis that kept buzzing us…but our biggest challenge was trying to keep Nigel out of the pictures. He assumed that it was playtime and kept covering the ground at our feet with toys.

This is the way it went…put on bracelet, pose model, arrange jewelry, throw dog toy and then very quickly try to snap the picture before said dog with toy bounded back into the frame…and ruined the picture. Needless to say we have more pictures of blurry white and grey fur than we do of jewelry. He especially liked posing with our doggie jewelry…Here you see him with our “Love Has Paws” bracelet.

Then of course we had to deal with this silliness…Bonny. Bonny doesn’t move much so we didn’t have to worry about drive by fur shots…however her sleeping poses were pretty distracting.

All in all we had a lot of fun with the photoshoot….and look forward to sharing all of these great new shots with you on our newly designed website! Lots of new inspirational jewelry & cowgirl jewelry coming up!



…Nigel & I saw this on the way to the dog park today…hugs & kisses to all our dawgs

It inspired me to design a bunch of new dog jewelry that is coming up in our Summer Collection…stay tuned!



…Have a very Hippie Christmas…from Surf City, USA…

Here are some photos from our little beach town…the locals take great pride in decorating our Main Street near the pier. There is a holiday lighting ceremony, a big Christmas tree that plays music when you walk by…(which scared Nigel) and a fat Christmas bear sitting on a park bench…(which also scared Nigel)

We have fun each year planning our Holiday windows…This year we made yarn balls and strung them from a braided hippie fabric garland. The girls had fun making snowflakes from notebook paper just like we when we were in Kindergarten…

Thank you all for making this our best & most beloved holiday season ever…we hope everyone loves the Island Cowgirl that they are getting under the tree….

XOXO & Peace..


…rock star…

Someone stopped by the store the other day and left a present for Nigel. (Do I have the best customers or what?) She had hand sewn this amazing scarf for him…that said “Rock Star”. He just happened to get a fancy new haircut that day so he looked pretty hot with his new scarf on too. I bet he will get all the chicks at the dog park.

Whoever dropped this off please come forward! Random acts of Kindness do not go unpunished at Island Cowgirl. You are in serious trouble!

Nigel & Heather

…love sick…

where’s my girlfriend Olive? I really, really miss her…

Is she over here?…she usually comes over everyday around this time. I really, really can’t wait to see her…I hope she’s not mad at me. I hope she didn’t find another boyfriend…

Maybe my mom will go find her…cause I really miss her.

This goes on everyday. Pretty much all day long.

This is my life…


~nigel & heather

..what we’re wearing…

What we’re wearing today around the studio…

Heather likes to stack them up…and today she’s wearing the “Saddling Up” bangle, “This soul has wings” bracelet and “Love has Paws” Bracelet…available online at www.islandcowgirl.com

We love them all!

…new diggs….

We “heart” our new studio by the sea…

Here is a glimpse of our new studo…Simone, my ray of sunshine, has made us the picture of uber-organization and we are lovin it!

Our bench…so nice and tidy…I think I am in love. Of course there is my bench…which has issues….but we won’t post that.

Self explainatory…this is where our one of a kinds and limited edition pieces are born! So many goodies reside here…my own private secret stash!

We use a lot of chain…A lot. We try to keep it organized…and all in a row. Like little ducks…It kind of looks like ducks? No?

So there you have it…a abbrevieated tour of our new studio. Stay posted. More to come.

Nigel & his girlfriend Olive are sure to make an appearance soon.

Olive lives next door. Nigel is hopelessly in love. Such a teenager.

Olive is bossy. She stands on his face. He lets her. They are so flippin cute.



…life’s a (dog) beach…

This is Nigel at dog beach. He leaps. He lunges. He is hard to photograph.

Notice the flying ears and the sand ridden muppet feet. Most of which ends up in my truck.

On the upside he has achieved a higher state of sheer bliss. Don’t we all wish we could be Nigel?

Of course, there is something in it for me, besides seeing my dog completely flip out with ecstasy.  I get to beach-comb for cool shells and driftwood which we use in our store and for photography props.

And of course there is always the view. Never get tired of that view…and all those little doggie footie prints.


~heather & her sandy truck



…faux muppet…

This is Nigel. I awoke him from his nap that he was taking in my truck. Poor Nigel.

He looks so sleepy. And confused. And suprised. I just want to kiss his big muppet nose.