morning mantra from the farm*

“there are only two days in the year that nothing can be done…one is called yesterday and the other is called tomorrow. So today is the right day to love, believe, do and mostly live…”  ~ dali lama

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postcards from the farm*

Here are a few postcards from the farm this spring…We moved to Tennessee one year ago this May on a wing and a prayer…with the wind at our back we sold our beach house in California and moved across the country. In the past year we have opened a store, built a farm, a barn, got another horse and learned a lot that we didn’t know about living on the land. It has been a wild ride…but we wouldn’t trade it for anything… Continue reading

leipers fork tennesee

can words describe*

Not entirely sure why…but I am having a torrid love affair with spring…Perhaps it is the fact that we are in the middle of one of the most beautiful areas of Tennessee…or the fact that we just went through what was described as the worst winter in 30 years…but spring seems especially sweet this year. Continue reading

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she had horses*

This is Libby. Liberty Belle…A.K.A. the pesky instigator, my little red, white & blue eyed girl and my little dirty hippie chick.

“Why do I ride horses?
Because I look at my horse and I see my hopes and dreams. I see my happiness. I see my pride and my soul. I look at my horse and I see myself…” Continue reading

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renew your spirit this spring*

…Spring has a way of renewing your spirit…it is so good to see the sun, the birds building their nests and a very pretty yellow butterfly landed on Libby’s head the other day which surely meant spring was here…the horses are also having fun getting into the green spring grass and having their daily rodeo across the fence line… Continue reading

postcards from the glacier*

…usually we do postcards from the farm…well technically this is still the farm…just buried under two inches of ice…
We had an epic ice storm in Nashville this week…we had between 1-2″ of solid ice covering pretty much everything…the driveway, the horses paddock & our whole pasture. Not snow with ice. Solid, break it with an ice pick if you are lucky…ice. Continue reading

bring it on*

…so after trudging up my driveway, (while waiting on the second ice storm of the week to begin) to retrieve a package that the UPS guy threw there because he didn’t bring his sled today to get down the ice glacier that has become my front yard..i find this…
Continue reading

sunkissed day*

On a beautiful Saturday morning a few weeks ago…we made our way to Georgia to help out Sunkissed Acres in their annual fundraiser. My very first employee & good friend, Sheila, was visiting from California so she wanted to come along and help out. It was so nice having her along for the ride…and she was even lucky enough to be a judge in the costume contest. Continue reading

feeling the local love*

Screen Shot 2014-03-18 at 12.33.44 PMA BIG thanks to Huntington Beach’s own ‘Main & PCH Blog‘! Recently they did an amazing feature on Island Cowgirl Jewelry and Flagship Store.

Main & PCH‘ is a phenomenal asset in supporting local Huntington Beach businesses. They feature food, events, artists and lifestyle of the HB community.

We couldn’t appreciate their recognition more! It was a great write up and we feel really blessed as the Island Cowgirl family to have this fabulous mention on such a well respected blog.

Make sure to check out their website, you’re sure to stumble upon some great local treasures and first hand info on upcoming festivities in the Surf City community!



…where are the cowgirls at?…



Every woman has a cowgirl side, whether its out there in the open or some where deep inside their heart.

Because being a cowgirl is about so much more then just riding horses, and knowing the lay of the land. It’s about the strength that comes from the soul, as tough as boot leather when times get rough. Having humility from knowing you’re just a small part of a much grander plan. It is when a woman feels a wide open space and is comfortable with where she stands.

(Pictured above is our ‘Cowgirl at Heart Necklace‘…)


These pieces were all influenced by a love for the country and the majestic beauty of horses… perfect necklaces to show off your inner cowgirl spirit. Free as an unbridled horse running wild.


The is so much inspiration to be found in the country life style, from the iconic lucky horseshoe symbol, to the classic mantras of old time cowgirls… like, “worship your wild soul“…. “always saddle your own horse” and so many more… sayings to live by and learn from!


PS. Always remember to always embrace your inner cowgirl

…halloween costumes & horses…

horse halloween costume island cowgirl jewelryHorses & Halloween costumes…Who would think the two would go together…but yes they do. At least at my barn they do. Every year Huntington Beach Equestrian Center hosts its own version of a Halloween Parade with some happy kids and some reluctant but very patient costume-wearing horses.

horse halloween costume dress horse up for halloween

I thought I would share with you a little glimpse of the festivities…it was a great day. Lots of laughs…a great boarders tack swap and money raised for some good horsie causes…

My favorite? I was partial to the cotton ball wearing Little Bo Peep. The Hippie Horse was a close runner up.

Next year my horse Sunny will be going in a giant pink bunny suit. Complete with bunny ears. I just needed to find 20 yards of furry pink fabric first. I am sure he will be thrilled.