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sweet as sugar unique halo engagement rings*

We are crushing on our new engagement rings…I am madly in love with halo engagement rings after having made one for my own engagement ring. We have a heart shaped ring surrounded by a halo of sparkly delicate diamonds that we have dubbed our Clementine Halo Ring.

You may have one custom made in 18k yellow gold, 18K peach gold or 14K palladium white gold. The best part is that we offer a traditional diamond center stone or a more budget friendly, eco-conscious option of moissanite. Both are brilliant halo engagement rings and have their own unique characteristics. We also have a rainbow of sapphire center stones to choose from as well.

On the right is our Helena Ring Halo Ring which I am in love with. It is a very unique halo engagement ring that can be customized with all of the different stone options that we offer.

You can see our entire line of bridal and halo engagement rings here. Please do not hesitate to contact us to discuss your dream ring.

unique engagement rings

unique engagement rings*

We are proud to announce our new Bridal division which offers organic and unique engagement rings for the bohemian bride. Rough + Luxe Jewelry was born out of creating my own engagement ring and the many requests from customers for heirloom quality diamond & sapphire engagement rings, anniversary band and wedding bands.

You may view our unique, alternative Bridal and Engagement line on our website at Rough Luxe Jewelry.

halo engagement ring

halo engagement rings*

Ever since I got engaged and decided to make my own engagement ring…(after all how can a guy buy a ring for a jewelry designer…talk about pressure)…I have been wanting to add an engagement line to Island Cowgirl.

I have created a lot of commissioned bespoke pieces for clients over the last few years but it has always been a dream to do a proper line where clients can see exactly the ring they were getting instead of only a sketch. Continue reading

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…so proud & happy…our rings are featured on the blog Borrowed & Blue…
A while back we did custom 14k gold celtic wedding bands for the sweetest couple…take a look at their gorgeous wedding (and our rings) here…Borrowed & Blue
Thanks for the shout out & congrats to Noelle & JP who are now living in Spain…

…one year…

barn wedding vintage wedding rustic wedding One year ago I married my husband.

He is honest and valient. He has reverie & honor. He slays dragons. He is old fashioned. He always does the right thing…even when no one is looking. He is courageous and brave. Evertime I think I cannot love him more…I do.

Marrying him was, hands down, the smartest thing I ever did in my life. I could not have found a more perfect man for me if I had made him up myself. I am profoundly proud to be called his wife.

barn wedding vintage weddingFrom our wedding vows that we wrote…
“Real love has absolutely no pride. It does not ever end or change and there is no language that speaks against it. You are everything I ever wanted and more than I deserve. Being loved by you gives me strength and loving you gives me courage. I will pass my days within the sound of your voice…and my nights within the reach of your hand and no one shall come between us…”

barn wedding vintage inspired wedding rustic weddingbarn wedding vintage weddingdiy wedding weddingCollage11barn wedding, vintage weddingAlmost everything in our wedding was DIY, vintage or recycled from flea markets. This wedding was a labor of love.

My mother-in-law made my wedding dress from Alencon Lace that I bought from Paris.  She also hand stitched 400 vintage doilys together to make the table runners. We spent a year collecting the doilys from local flea markets. She also made the bunting running down the aile from vintage hankies. My husband gave her MVP of the wedding.
The back drop of our ceremony was vintage lace and hand dyed silk ribbon that my friend Hannah makes. Don’t even get me started on how many Alice in Wonderland giant Paper flowers were littered around our living room for a month…Nigel kept hiding his bones in them! And my bridesmaid, Kristen from Soul Soup hand painted our aisle runner which said “love is bigger”…I cherish that.

And yes, I did make my rings. It is a grey chameleon diamond set in 18k gold. Around the band it reads “ever after”. We also do anniversary bands and eternity rings. Feel free to email me and we can discuss!

Love, peace & horses…


…my big fat vintage wedding…

As many of you know I got married in September at the Red Horse Barn in Huntington Beach, CA….and with Valentines Day coming up & all I thought I would share my wedding video with you. Now normally we all know wedding videos…on the whole…tend to be pretty cheesy. In fact I had pretty much written off the whole wedding video idea until 2 weeks before my wedding…I had searched & searched for someone who would do something without the cheese and came up pretty empty-handed.

Then I found Jordan from Etch Films. By accident. By some random link from a link from another website. As I clicked on one of his portfolio videos…I really just expected the usual. Boring. Bad lighting. Lots of cheese.

Four minutes later I had tears streaming down my face after watching a video of two complete strangers getting married in Hawaii.. It was that crazy beautiful. He made magic with moving pictures.

Then I panicked. I knew I wanted him to do my wedding…if at all possible. There were two problems…It was two weeks before my wedding and I was sure he was already booked. Number two…I was sure he didn’t live anywhere near us. I emailed him immediately anyway…and said a little prayer.

Well…the stars aligned. Not only was he available…but he lived about 2 miles from me here in California. I was beyond excited. And it takes me a lot to get that excited.

So here is the magic that Jordan wove for us. We thought it was brilliant & he captured it pretty much how it all went down. A big kudos & shout out to him…because he really is the bomb.