…postcards from Tucson…

white stallion ranch

Every year I go to Tucson to the Gem Show that they hold there in February…I took a little detour this time at the end of my trip to spend a few days at a magical place called the White Stallion Ranch. I love finding out-of-the-way places to explore when I travel and this one does not disappoint. It is a 3000 acre ranch that has been family owned since 1965. It was built-in the 1900’s and originally began as a cattle ranch. They have over 120 horses on the property…and as you can see they are just as friendly as can be.


While sitting at breakfast (which is about as down home and yummy as can be) I met a lovely lady who is an artist. She was a bold and bright soul who at the age of 37 up and decided she wanted to live in the Grand Canyon. So she did. She spent 20 years as a mule guide in the Grand Canyon and also owned the beauty shop there. She is now retired but had ventured down to the ranch for a day of painting landscapes with her artist group.

I spent the day wandering around…bringing coffee to a few of the artists who were brave enough to paint in the early morning cold…and watching Diesel.


Diesel is probably the biggest horse I have ever seen. I was told he was close to 1600 lbs…and an absolute love bug. He has a great goatee too. Diesel was very interested in sniffing, pushing and trying to eat this artists paints…or painting…not really sure which. He chewed a bit on his artists case…


So there you have it…The White Stallion Ranch…I am sure to go back again soon!
~peace, love & horses


…happy trails…

happy trails


Today I decided to feature one of my favorites, Our Happy Trails Bracelet. I LOVE all of the details, from the bit and boots to the hearts… and horseshoes! It’s the perfect bracelet for any horse lover. It reminds me of all of the amazing times I’ve had riding. There is nothing quite like a girl’s bond with her horse.

happy trails horse

Our ‘Happy Trails‘ Bracelet $150…

You can purchase it for your self or as a gift for a friend at our website or by calling our flagship store in at 714-580-9909.

May you only have Happy Trails!

…back on the ranch…I mean beach…

Country Girl by the Sea

Cowgirl at heart…

Temperatures are definitely warming up here in sunny Southern California…after a bitter cold snap that I was worried was going to take out my beloved Hydrangea in the garden.

But here we have it…just blink once and the sun was shinning and all was good in the world.

It seems like the second the sun decides to come out the beach is flooded with people, and our little town of Huntington Beach bursts with life! It was the absolute perfect day to break out the beach cruiser for a boardwalk bike ride. And so i did!

In the middle of my ride, the sun was beginning to set above the ocean, so I decided to it was time turn back and head towards home. Right before I did I took a moment to appreciate the beauty around me. I sat on a cement wall, swinging my boots above the sand, feeling very blessed to live in a place where i can experience moments like this.


Cowgirl jewelry

Our super cute ‘Back on The Ranch’ earrings $40

Gratitude washes over me in waves…Southern California really gives back…How lucky am I that I get to ride horses and go to the beach all in same day?


Island Cowgirl

…california dreamin’…

Hotel California

Lets Take a road trip on Pacific Coast Highway together, better yet lets take a trip back in time, to the days of bell bottoms, protest signs, long hair and rose colored glasses…

Hotel California, in Santa Monica California holds the infamous name from the Eagles 1970’s tribute to the times and the birthplace of the hippie culture.

Was this song merely a literal reference to a memorable stay at this now quiet and quaint beach bum hotel…? I think not. Most would probably agree its about a bit more.

The 60’s and 70’s were a time of new experiences, a time of war, a time of peace, a time of love and a time to experiment. Not everything that transpired during that time was positive, but there is no doubt that there has never been another time in our nations history quite like it.

The song Hotel California by the Eagles is a perfect summation of the good the bad and the ugly of California’s hippie revolution. California’s coast is a place of so much beauty, and temptation. To this day people still flock to the beautiful sunny coast, the waves, the “pretty people”, and the bright lights of Hollywood… Each in search of their own stay at Hotel California.



Five Positives that came out of the Hippie heyday:

1.The FASHION! I mean come on, this is obviously at the top of the list as for every Island Cowgirl. The leather, embroidery, The fringe and the beads! Its all way to much to take in at once now, but, it was radical and it worked. Minus the lack of hygiene, that could have been avoided.

2. The Music! That was the original inspiration behind this posting after all! The music had so much soul, the lyrics told stories and the instruments evoked emotion. Basically all i can say is… WOODSTOCK. If you weren’t there i bet you wish you had been.

3. The Civil Rights movement baby! MLK (God Bless Him) need i say more?

4. The Female Voice! During the hippie revolution women were letting it ALL hang out, and standing up for their beliefs. We don’t need to burn bras any more thanks to the lovely crusaders of that time!

5. The Arts! Andy Warhol, who was also a HUGE  pop culture influence came out of this decade and made a great impact on California’s psychedelic art scene. Unfortunately, much of the art work from the time period was drug induced…but the art, art like Warhol’s, was still outstanding and deserves absolute recognition for its impact on the modern art world.


This is our California Dreaming Bracelet …$172.

Everyone has been touched by the Spirit that resides in California, it ignites a fire in the soul that burns to create, imagine, and explore. This bracelet shows our Island Cowgirl love for California.





Island Cowgirl


…bravery, peace & lost treasure…

What we’re wearing around the studio today….Bravery & Peace Bracelet

I love this bracelet and have worn it almost everyday for 5 years…There is a story behind this and why I keep it close.

When I was 20 I left New York City and went to live on the Caribbean island of St. Martin…which was great. I lived on a Catamaran, sold my jewelry on the beach, lost all of my shoes from the dock box and made a lot of friends. After about I year it was really time to go home. I just had one problem. One way flights were a lot of money. More money than I really had.

So I did the next best thing…I caught a ride. Some friends of mine sailed up to Florida each year to dive for buried treasure. It was always during Hurricane season as this is when the sand is churned up and the long buried treasure is most likely to be found.

Now the 1500 mile sail back up to Florida is a story within itself. I won’t get into too much detail here except to say…it involved a long sail spanning over several weeks, a lot of dolphins, one large pissed off mommy whale and an even larger storm which involved all of us tying ourselves to the mast and saying our prayers.

Once we got to Florida…barefoot and sea torn but in one piece which was a miracle in itself…I decided to stay on for the treasure hunt. My most unique asset to the team involved being able to hold my breath under water for long periods of time. (Thanks to my brothers when I was growing up).

We were diving on a wreck where 12 Spanish Galleons had gone down in 1812. The Galleons were bringing families to the New World along with all of their earthly belongings. Most of it was gold bars, gold coins and lots of gold. You get the idea.

We did find gold that summer. And a lot of silver bullion. It wasn’t a glamourous story of finding. One night there was a huge storm. I woke up to a beautiful sunrise and jumped overboard to cool off. And there in 12 feet of the clearest water you ever did see…30 feet from shore and high rise condos was a pile of gold. Just sitting there so pretty.

In that day gold coins were imprinted on one side with the Kings stamp…and on the other was the coat of arms of the person that owned it. And they would clip off little pieces of the coins to pay for things. So they are not all round. In fact none of them are really round.

Set into the cross of the Bravery & Peace inspirational bracelet is actually an impression of one of these coins…The same coin which has always brought me luck.

I only hope it does the same for you…


…nigel finds art…

This is Nigel. He likes art. But mostly he likes going on bike rides…and on this fine Thursday afternoon he is ready to rock.

We grab our bike, a basket full of hand knit scarves that a friend just delivered to me and head over to the store to see a guy about some bird houses.

And not just any bird house. The most colorful, Dr. Seuss-like bird houses you ever did lay your eyes on.

So Dave came by with his pickup truck stuffed to the brim with this explosion of colorful birdhouses. Are you in love yet? We promtly proceeded to take over most of the parking lot and build a little bird house city…of course I had to see every single one. And of course I loved each one more than the last. It was almost impossible to pick. I wanted them. All.

I want the pink one. No…the blue one.

The coolest thing is that Dave came by way of a friend of mine in Arizona who owns a gallery…and he happened to be driving up the coast meeting his galleries so he offered to come by and let me pick some out…Serendipity at work again.
It is not even winter yet and I cannot wait to design my spring window display around Dave’s amazing bird houses.
I may get the pink one for myself…I think it may be just to pad to lure back Ernastine Hummingbird next spring.
Happy Trails!

…a little fashion goes a long way…

Tradeshow season is in full swing here at Island Cowgirl…and what this means is that we go out and present our new collection to buyers around the country…

This year we attended Magic/Project/Pool in Vegas…and just got back. This is a very fashion oriented show and the fashion-istas were in full swing. Gotta love them! 

I loved the booth with the sign “my cat smells like Bruce Willis”…not entirely sure what was going on there…but it sure did get everyone to stop, laugh & look. And of course the True Religion booth is always close to my heart…one of the first brands of jeans that actually make jeans long enough for me…

FASHION 4 ALL….my new motto.



…and so this is my life…

We are exhibiting at the Project/Pool show in Las Vegas right now…and it is a wonderful cornicopia of fashion-istas. The unspoken rule here seems to be…the more outrageous…the better.

It makes for some pretty awesome people watching. This was one of my fave’s so far…kind of like Ronald McDonald meets Marie Antoinette. So very fabulous.

I am no stranger to outrageous fashion as I spent many years in Fashion School in NYC…so this is kind of like seeing a tweed suit for me…but it has been a nice flashback. We do not see a whole lot of fashion risks being taken in Surf City USA California…Unless it is a new surfboard fin…


…art is a labor of love…

I am in the process of shooting the new catalog…and wanted to do something super different than anything we have done before. I thought painted driftwood backgrounds would either be fabulous…or a disaster. And being the risk taker that I am…we went on the hunt for the perfect driftwood specimens.

Off to Crystal Cove we went…which is usually littered with random wood. Crystal cove has one of the best views in California and if you ever out this way…you must go.

It is a little piece of paradise…and has quite a history that includes squatters, tent city, old hollywood polynesian movies & the raising of the martini flag every evening at 5PM. If you want to know more just do a Google search…I could fill 5 blog posts about why this is my favorite place in California.

See what I mean. Driftwood Galore.

Of course I couldn’t resist scouting out future sites for product shots. This rock jutting out of the sand is wonderful.

And here we go…wish me luck!


…spring in my step…

Nigel and I rode our bike to Grandma’s house this morning to deliver handmade caramels…and found these in full bloom. Aren’t Grandmas the best gardeners? 

And if you want insane caramels…serious melt in your mouth caramels…check out Mrs. Littlefields http://mrslittlefields.com/

…bright lights, big city…

Off to NYC…the city that never sleeps…My old stomping grounds. As many of you know I went to school in New York and hence always feel at home once I get off the plane. The people are straight forward, no nonsense and terribly funny. Not only that they are incredibly genuine & generous….if it was warm & had a beach I would probably still live there.

I was here for work…but work is never without a little fun. After a hard day of walking the show…we found an amazing little cafe on 9th & 49th that rocked the brunch experience. It was called Vinyl. They had mosaic bathrooms of Elvis, Dolly Parton & Cher complete with each singers action figure. A total trip…




 Anthropologie at Rockefeller Center is not to be missed…They are borderline genius with their displays. No…they are pure genius. Nobody rocks it out like they do.

A tie dye zip tie wall…curtain…thingy. I mean does it get anymore brilliant than this? Seriously. Blown. Away.

A rug on the wall…no on the floor…no on the wall…Oh boy, who cares. This is beautiful
and I covet it.

Jen, from Quirks of Art, one of my good friends & amazing retailers, was my partner in crime during my stay in NYC…and we sure did have a grand time…to be continued…



…southern love…

Each season we pack up and set off to our tradeshows with all of our new designs in tow…one of my favorites is in Atlanta. I just love the southern charm…and the fried chicken ain’t so bad either.

I get to meet with all of my wonderful retailers and say howdy…and maybe talk about jewelry…and of course our dogs. There is always inspirational A-R-T installations around that always make me weak in the knees…this year they had an exceptionally colorful one.

Setting up the booth after a long night of travel is always tough…sometimes it takes more than one set of eyes to really see…Can you tell we were tired? I think it took us about 5 minutes to notice this…

Our new IPAD covers were a big hit with the retailers! We love them too!

All the rage were our new Cowgirl Bling Bracelets…Swarovski crystals & pearls on different colored leather wrap bracelets! So awesome…You can buy them from our boutique at Island Cowgirl.com

We had an awesome show and cannot wait to ship out to all of our new retailers…spread the love!