country music fest nashville*

We were honored to be chosen to exhibit at this years Country Music Fest in Nashville, also known as the CMA Fest. Our booth was located at the Fan-X experience where you could come have a meet & greet with your favorite country music singers.

We had a lot of fun meeting people from all over the country and the world who attend the festival. This is our third year exhibiting so we have a lot of customers who come see us year after year…and have become addicted to Island Cowgirl.

We brought a small selection of work from other Nashville artists that we carry in the store…My favorite being the “Shit Creek Survivor” sign.

A big thanks to my husband who was my Sherpa and set the booth up for the show…and my mother-in-law who is the Varage Ninja and found this great chandelier for the booth. It added a little extra bohemian flair.

from cma fest with love

Here are some of our favorite memories from this years CMA Fest which we were honored to be a part of…We met people from all over the world including Denmark, the UK and Austrailia who made a special trip to Nashville just to hear us jam…they were some of the most enthusiastic, happiest fans we have come across. There was even one group who’s flight was cancelled in Upstate NY who walked out, rented a car and drove 16 hours. Now that is dedication… Continue reading