feeling the local love*

Screen Shot 2014-03-18 at 12.33.44 PMA BIG thanks to Huntington Beach’s own ‘Main & PCH Blog‘! Recently they did an amazing feature on Island Cowgirl Jewelry and Flagship Store.

Main & PCH‘ is a phenomenal asset in supporting local Huntington Beach businesses. They feature food, events, artists and lifestyle of the HB community.

We couldn’t appreciate their recognition more! It was a great write up and we feel really blessed as the Island Cowgirl family to have this fabulous mention on such a well respected blog.

Make sure to check out their website, you’re sure to stumble upon some great local treasures and first hand info on upcoming festivities in the Surf City community!



…where are the cowgirls at?…



Every woman has a cowgirl side, whether its out there in the open or some where deep inside their heart.

Because being a cowgirl is about so much more then just riding horses, and knowing the lay of the land. It’s about the strength that comes from the soul, as tough as boot leather when times get rough. Having humility from knowing you’re just a small part of a much grander plan. It is when a woman feels a wide open space and is comfortable with where she stands.

(Pictured above is our ‘Cowgirl at Heart Necklace‘…)


These pieces were all influenced by a love for the country and the majestic beauty of horses… perfect necklaces to show off your inner cowgirl spirit. Free as an unbridled horse running wild.


The is so much inspiration to be found in the country life style, from the iconic lucky horseshoe symbol, to the classic mantras of old time cowgirls… like, “worship your wild soul“…. “always saddle your own horse” and so many more… sayings to live by and learn from!


PS. Always remember to always embrace your inner cowgirl

…An October Adventure…

It all started with a trip to the stables

Looking like a country queen wearing our ‘Only From the Heart Necklace‘ with our ‘Peace, Love & Horses Necklace‘… while shoveling hay…of course!

Did I forget to mention lots and lots of horse play…?


Time spent with a horse is more then just fun…. it feeds your ‘faith‘ it brings out a ‘strength‘ in you that you didn’t know you had…you learn about your self, but more then anything, you learn to trust and respect.

Stepping out of the stables and back to work…

We quickly realized boots go with just about anything… but they look especially good next to our ‘reliquary‘ and ‘big dream‘ bracelets…


We traveled down the road a bit to a nice spot over looking the ocean

Wind blown hair and peace of mind during a perfect sunset…and Our ‘Pure Heart Necklace‘.

PUREBLOG And as the golden rays cast away the day we celebrated… that ‘not all who wander are lost‘.


Until the next adventure…


…back in the saddle…


What an amazing smile… right?

This is Cecilia. A friend of hers passed along her inspirational story and I am humbled to share it with you.

On July 4th 2010, when Cecilia was 17 years old she and her brother Joe were in a terrible and devastating car accident while heading home from their family farm. At some point during the drive the car lost control and in spite of Joe’s attempt to take control of the wheel the car spun out, and crashed in to a tree.

Cecilia, still conscious after the accident found her self cemented between the crushed steel of the car. Her legs were completely stuck and she looked over to the driver’s seat to see her brother Joe left completely unconscious, and his jaw entirely detached from his face.

Frightened and in shock, a sense of hope finally arrived with a team of firemen and paramedics. Their parents also made it to the scene, but were urged to go immediately to the hospital while the firemen worked on Cecilia and her brother Joe.

Cecilia remembers talking to her mother at the scene…

“She was going like hold on, it’s going to be alright, ” remembers Cecilia. “We’ll meet you in St. Louis and I was like Mom, don’t leave me. Don’t leave me here. And she had to go.”

It took two long and arduous hours to pry free Cecilia’s mangled legs from the strong steel of the vehicle. Once they were free from the car, both brother and sister were air lifted to the hospital. That night Cecilia was told that her brother Joe was most likely not going to make it, and if she did make it that her legs would probably have to be amputated.

Joe went into a coma, while Cecilia endured four surgeries in which she had 4 titanium rods and over 30 metal screws placed into her legs and right ankle. She then slowly began her journey on the road to recovery, with a great deal of physical therapy and rehabilitation.

Her tremendous courage pushed her to persevere through all that she faced. Cecilia always had a great love for singing and for riding horses. She sang through out her treatment and dreamed of one day being able to get back on her horse and go riding…

Her brother eventually came out of his coma 2 months after the accident, and is by some miracle on the long road to recovery, with minor memory difficulties.

After a year-long journey, with her will to overcome immense obstacles and the support she received from family and friends she is not only walking, but she is also saddling and riding her horse!

She wears our bracelet etched with the old cowgirl saying, ‘Always saddle your own horse’, as a constant reminder of what she has accomplished since her accident.




Thank you to Cecllia, her family and friends for sharing this incredible story with us… We make our jewelry to inspire others…but a lot of times it goes the other way around…others inspire us with their strength, fortitude and reverie.

Ride on Cecillia…

Peace, Love & Horses,



…postcards from Tucson…

white stallion ranch

Every year I go to Tucson to the Gem Show that they hold there in February…I took a little detour this time at the end of my trip to spend a few days at a magical place called the White Stallion Ranch. I love finding out-of-the-way places to explore when I travel and this one does not disappoint. It is a 3000 acre ranch that has been family owned since 1965. It was built-in the 1900’s and originally began as a cattle ranch. They have over 120 horses on the property…and as you can see they are just as friendly as can be.


While sitting at breakfast (which is about as down home and yummy as can be) I met a lovely lady who is an artist. She was a bold and bright soul who at the age of 37 up and decided she wanted to live in the Grand Canyon. So she did. She spent 20 years as a mule guide in the Grand Canyon and also owned the beauty shop there. She is now retired but had ventured down to the ranch for a day of painting landscapes with her artist group.

I spent the day wandering around…bringing coffee to a few of the artists who were brave enough to paint in the early morning cold…and watching Diesel.


Diesel is probably the biggest horse I have ever seen. I was told he was close to 1600 lbs…and an absolute love bug. He has a great goatee too. Diesel was very interested in sniffing, pushing and trying to eat this artists paints…or painting…not really sure which. He chewed a bit on his artists case…


So there you have it…The White Stallion Ranch…I am sure to go back again soon!
~peace, love & horses


…happy trails…

happy trails


Today I decided to feature one of my favorites, Our Happy Trails Bracelet. I LOVE all of the details, from the bit and boots to the hearts… and horseshoes! It’s the perfect bracelet for any horse lover. It reminds me of all of the amazing times I’ve had riding. There is nothing quite like a girl’s bond with her horse.

happy trails horse

Our ‘Happy Trails‘ Bracelet $150…

You can purchase it for your self or as a gift for a friend at our website or by calling our flagship store in at 714-580-9909.

May you only have Happy Trails!

…horse love…

horse jewelry

Here at Island Cowgirl a big part of our hearts are dedicated to horses…as you can tell by our past posts and much of our jewelry.

Did you know that the U.S. indirectly supports Horse slaughter. Kill buyers get ahold of unwanted horses in a variety of ways. They are stolen from pasture. A lot of them are trolling Craigslist and taking advantage of the economy by “adopting” horses that people can no longer afford and are offering to a good home for free. They then take these horses and put them up on “bail”. If no one pays their bail to save them…usually $300-600 they go off to Canada & Mexico to be killed for meat. Yes Meat. And yes, our lovely friends north of the boarder…Canada participates in this barbaric practice which has manifested this thriving industry of death down here.

Take the case a Buddy. Buddy & Dallas had been given to a family with a “special needs” child. They even came out to ride him with a crippled child. A few months later Dallas was found at a kill buyer. Someone paid his “bail” to get him out but Buddy was no where to be seen and his former owners feared he had suffered a similar fate.


Thankfully, he was found through the power of Facebook and is on his way home, but countless other horses and owners have not been as lucky.

We are always looking for ways to help the horse community… Below is a great site for more information on how you can help stop this travesty taking place against the gentle giants that melt our hearts.

save horses

I really encourage everyone to check out the AC4H website. It is such a tragedy that our friends don’t have their own voice… we must be the voice for them!



…give & receive…

A few weeks ago a complete stranger reached out to me with a plea. She knew I was from Rochester, NY and there was a cause there that she felt that I should know about. People that needed help.

Now you have to understand…this is my busiest time of the year. Not only do I have a wholesale business that sells to hundreds of stores around the country, a retail store, an online website and  design deadlines for the January collection…but my mom was diagnosed with lung cancer recently. So to say my plate was full was a massive understatement. The days that I get up at 4AM in the morning and begin work are too many to count.

But when I read their story about these selfless heroes I knew that I could not say no. For some reason I kept thinking back to my recent trip to Bali. In Bali they believe that you go through life being kind. You smile. You don’t steal. You help people and you are gracious. Period. Not negotiable. And these people, who have less than nothing in many cases, practice this.

While we were there, my husband & I got caught on our motorcycle…(well, really it was a scooter embellished with flame decals but whatever) in a big rainstorm. We passed some workers on the road repaving the road. The way they do it there is a bit different from here.

A woman was carrying what appeared to be a giant cookie sheet of steaming hot asphalt on her head from the dump truck to the part of the road they were repaving. Back and forth. Back and forth. In 110 degree heat. In the rain. And she was smiling. It was about the most miserable kind of work I could ever imagine. And she had zippo to smile about…but yet she was.

I said to my husband…If I ever complain about my life again please punch me in the face.

Through living in a few third world countries (and other countries too) …I have come to believe that this really is the best country in the world. But we as a culture we really are spoiled rotten. Selfish. Whiney. It saddens me to say this…but it is true. We tend not to want to do anything unless we gain from it. We don’t want to help others. We wouldn’t last a minute with hot asphalt on our heads. Me included.

So this Christmas I feel that it is my obligation to help some random stranger that reached out to me. Despite the fact that I am insanely busy and the timing could not be worse. Despite the fact that I have my own heartache with my own family right now.

I just spent 36 hours trying to get home to Rochester, NY. I am going out to the Sanctuary to try to help these people.

If for nothing else but because it is the right thing to do. And because no one else is.

I hope you find it in your heart to do the same.

Donate to the H.O.R.S.E Rescue & receive 20% off


…sunset with trigger…

Meet Trigger. He is sure is pretty. But that is not the best thing about Trigger…he has a lions heart and a gentle soul. And he has the prettiest eyes I ever did see. He also likes me…now the thing about Trigger is that he doesn’t quite like everyone. He tolerates most everyone…but he doesn’t like them. But he remains polite. Trigger & I have a lot in common.

I have a soft spot for him. And he also came to my wedding so you know he is special.

This is Trigger at sunset…My friend Kelsey sent me this photo…and of course it melted my heart. And made me buy carrots.

Trigger loves carrots.