things are blossoming @ our flagship store*

Love, love, LOVE the new spring window display at our Flagship store. Its filled with tons of great season appropriate inspiration. Giant carrots, butterflies and flowers are just some of the decorations that can be seen in our store front! If you live in or near Huntington Beach make sure to stop by and check it out for your self!


springdisp1 springdisp2 spingdisp3 springdisp4

…the V day display…

vdaydisp1Our favorite time of year… Valentines day is almost here! Our display is chalk full of wonderful gift ideas for your sweet heart this V day! We admit, we may have gone a bit crazy with the hearts… but, we kind of love it!

vdaydisp4 vdaydisp3vdaydisp7 vdaydisp2 vdaydisp5 vdaydisp6

Romance is in the air! People tend to have mixed emotions toward this holiday… It has become over commercialized and a lot of folks feel it is a bit excessive. But, and that is a big BUT… it doesn’t have to be cheesy or showy. It is after all a day to celebrate love! Love in every shape and size is a wonderful thing to celebrate! Get together with the ones you love whether it be your spouse, your special some one, your kids, or even your dog and do something fun! Do something to celebrate life, love and happiness! It doesn’t have to revolve around dinner reservations and a big showy display of affection! Take a walk, go for a picnic, pick some wild flowers, watch the sunset and share a laugh! It is a great thing to show appreciation and consideration for the ones we care about! This holiday isn’t a time to be cynical, it is however a great excuse to be thankful and SHOW YOUR LOVE!



…the boho life is the life for me…

Are you happiest in a floppy hat with a denim shirt? …We are.

jan 12-11

jan 12-21

This outfit showcases the ‘Wishbone’ and ‘Be The Change’ Necklaces.

jan 12-31 “snip, snip”, cutting twine wearing the ‘Love Always’, ‘Open Heart’ and ‘Big Peace’ Bracelets.

jan 12-51 jan-121jan 12-61“Why so smiley?” Because we love the ‘Find Your Wings’ and ‘Peace Sign’ Necklace combo!

Lace and rustic wood make us feel at home in our boho chic frocks and leather strung jewelry.

Shop our rustic & romantic boho style jewelry…


…into the night…

Sometimes what you really need is a night wrapped in a blanket of stars, in a bed made of freshly fallen leaves…
2014-01-08 18.44.03 2014-01-08 18.44.25

2014-01-08 18.46.19Featuring our ‘Love Me Necklace’ long boho style piece hand shaped into the word love strung on leather, Our ‘Brave Heart Necklace’ in our classic pendant fashion and our ‘Whisper of Love Bracelet’, ‘Willing Heart Bracelet’ and the ‘Courage My Love Boho Wrap’.

1-2014-01-08 18.49.58

1-2014-01-08 18.56.28We loved the way our gold necklaces complemented the lace of this dress in a natural setting… Seen here is Our ‘Golden Wisdom Necklace’, ‘Golden Free Spirit Necklace’ and ‘Golden All You Need is Love Necklace’, ‘Girl With a Dream Bracelet’ and Our ‘Heart and Soul Cuff’.

1-2014-01-08 19.41.38Above is our spiritually inspired and ever popular symbol of protection the ‘Hamsa Necklace’, paired with the ‘Twisted Peace Necklace’.

Remember to always appreciate the natural beauty that exists around you, its yours to enjoy.


…the pick of the week…

twistpeacemich The Twisted Peace Necklace!

The long chocolate leather cord makes this necklace the perfect piece for this fall season, because of how nicely it lays over scarves and chunky sweaters!

You can also layer this necklace with other shorter necklaces for more of a statement look.

Make sure to check in regularly for our pick of the week!


…california dreamin’…

Hotel California

Lets Take a road trip on Pacific Coast Highway together, better yet lets take a trip back in time, to the days of bell bottoms, protest signs, long hair and rose colored glasses…

Hotel California, in Santa Monica California holds the infamous name from the Eagles 1970’s tribute to the times and the birthplace of the hippie culture.

Was this song merely a literal reference to a memorable stay at this now quiet and quaint beach bum hotel…? I think not. Most would probably agree its about a bit more.

The 60’s and 70’s were a time of new experiences, a time of war, a time of peace, a time of love and a time to experiment. Not everything that transpired during that time was positive, but there is no doubt that there has never been another time in our nations history quite like it.

The song Hotel California by the Eagles is a perfect summation of the good the bad and the ugly of California’s hippie revolution. California’s coast is a place of so much beauty, and temptation. To this day people still flock to the beautiful sunny coast, the waves, the “pretty people”, and the bright lights of Hollywood… Each in search of their own stay at Hotel California.



Five Positives that came out of the Hippie heyday:

1.The FASHION! I mean come on, this is obviously at the top of the list as for every Island Cowgirl. The leather, embroidery, The fringe and the beads! Its all way to much to take in at once now, but, it was radical and it worked. Minus the lack of hygiene, that could have been avoided.

2. The Music! That was the original inspiration behind this posting after all! The music had so much soul, the lyrics told stories and the instruments evoked emotion. Basically all i can say is… WOODSTOCK. If you weren’t there i bet you wish you had been.

3. The Civil Rights movement baby! MLK (God Bless Him) need i say more?

4. The Female Voice! During the hippie revolution women were letting it ALL hang out, and standing up for their beliefs. We don’t need to burn bras any more thanks to the lovely crusaders of that time!

5. The Arts! Andy Warhol, who was also a HUGE  pop culture influence came out of this decade and made a great impact on California’s psychedelic art scene. Unfortunately, much of the art work from the time period was drug induced…but the art, art like Warhol’s, was still outstanding and deserves absolute recognition for its impact on the modern art world.


This is our California Dreaming Bracelet …$172.

Everyone has been touched by the Spirit that resides in California, it ignites a fire in the soul that burns to create, imagine, and explore. This bracelet shows our Island Cowgirl love for California.





Island Cowgirl