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new spring collections*

We launched our new collection in the last few weeks…and it has been pretty awesome. It is such a tough thing to put your heart and soul into a new collection for months on end…and not really know for sure if you all are going to like it or not!

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feeling the local love*

Screen Shot 2014-03-18 at 12.33.44 PMA BIG thanks to Huntington Beach’s own ‘Main & PCH Blog‘! Recently they did an amazing feature on Island Cowgirl Jewelry and Flagship Store.

Main & PCH‘ is a phenomenal asset in supporting local Huntington Beach businesses. They feature food, events, artists and lifestyle of the HB community.

We couldn’t appreciate their recognition more! It was a great write up and we feel really blessed as the Island Cowgirl family to have this fabulous mention on such a well respected blog.

Make sure to check out their website, you’re sure to stumble upon some great local treasures and first hand info on upcoming festivities in the Surf City community!



things are blossoming @ our flagship store*

Love, love, LOVE the new spring window display at our Flagship store. Its filled with tons of great season appropriate inspiration. Giant carrots, butterflies and flowers are just some of the decorations that can be seen in our store front! If you live in or near Huntington Beach make sure to stop by and check it out for your self!


springdisp1 springdisp2 spingdisp3 springdisp4

…color pop…

sweetgifts…new color coordinated cases.

precious pieces

Its amazing how perfectly a color can translate an emotion. Each case now has its own fitting mood!

Our zen green case… exudes peace and inspiration.

pinkcasePassionate pink. Of course.

puppywoofinThe warm orange case… like a day of fun in the sun with your furry, tail wagging best friend.

brown case

The cowgirl case in brown… like a trip trotting down a small town dirt road.

We love the new vibrant look! A big thanks to Michelle, (our go to gal at our flagships store) she put this lovely color pop together! Great merchandising missy!


…the V day display…

vdaydisp1Our favorite time of year… Valentines day is almost here! Our display is chalk full of wonderful gift ideas for your sweet heart this V day! We admit, we may have gone a bit crazy with the hearts… but, we kind of love it!

vdaydisp4 vdaydisp3vdaydisp7 vdaydisp2 vdaydisp5 vdaydisp6

Romance is in the air! People tend to have mixed emotions toward this holiday… It has become over commercialized and a lot of folks feel it is a bit excessive. But, and that is a big BUT… it doesn’t have to be cheesy or showy. It is after all a day to celebrate love! Love in every shape and size is a wonderful thing to celebrate! Get together with the ones you love whether it be your spouse, your special some one, your kids, or even your dog and do something fun! Do something to celebrate life, love and happiness! It doesn’t have to revolve around dinner reservations and a big showy display of affection! Take a walk, go for a picnic, pick some wild flowers, watch the sunset and share a laugh! It is a great thing to show appreciation and consideration for the ones we care about! This holiday isn’t a time to be cynical, it is however a great excuse to be thankful and SHOW YOUR LOVE!



…into the night…

Sometimes what you really need is a night wrapped in a blanket of stars, in a bed made of freshly fallen leaves…
2014-01-08 18.44.03 2014-01-08 18.44.25

2014-01-08 18.46.19Featuring our ‘Love Me Necklace’ long boho style piece hand shaped into the word love strung on leather, Our ‘Brave Heart Necklace’ in our classic pendant fashion and our ‘Whisper of Love Bracelet’, ‘Willing Heart Bracelet’ and the ‘Courage My Love Boho Wrap’.

1-2014-01-08 18.49.58

1-2014-01-08 18.56.28We loved the way our gold necklaces complemented the lace of this dress in a natural setting… Seen here is Our ‘Golden Wisdom Necklace’, ‘Golden Free Spirit Necklace’ and ‘Golden All You Need is Love Necklace’, ‘Girl With a Dream Bracelet’ and Our ‘Heart and Soul Cuff’.

1-2014-01-08 19.41.38Above is our spiritually inspired and ever popular symbol of protection the ‘Hamsa Necklace’, paired with the ‘Twisted Peace Necklace’.

Remember to always appreciate the natural beauty that exists around you, its yours to enjoy.



How are you dressing up your fall attire?

fallpeaceWe’re digging chocolate leather pieces with silver accents…like this ‘Love &  Peace Necklace’….

horseshoe bracelet Layering is always a fun part of fall fashion, why should it end with your clothing? Our ‘protect this cowgirl’, ‘follow your faith’ and the ‘courage my love boho wrap’ compliment each other perfectly.

bootsheartrings & The more rings the better… well at least we think so here at IC…
We have rings for every style crosses, peace signs, hearts and horse shoes.
Accessorizing for the seasons is one of life’s many great joys.

Don’t fall behind this season, stay on top of your boho style game with rustic yet feminine jewelry.


…back in the saddle…


What an amazing smile… right?

This is Cecilia. A friend of hers passed along her inspirational story and I am humbled to share it with you.

On July 4th 2010, when Cecilia was 17 years old she and her brother Joe were in a terrible and devastating car accident while heading home from their family farm. At some point during the drive the car lost control and in spite of Joe’s attempt to take control of the wheel the car spun out, and crashed in to a tree.

Cecilia, still conscious after the accident found her self cemented between the crushed steel of the car. Her legs were completely stuck and she looked over to the driver’s seat to see her brother Joe left completely unconscious, and his jaw entirely detached from his face.

Frightened and in shock, a sense of hope finally arrived with a team of firemen and paramedics. Their parents also made it to the scene, but were urged to go immediately to the hospital while the firemen worked on Cecilia and her brother Joe.

Cecilia remembers talking to her mother at the scene…

“She was going like hold on, it’s going to be alright, ” remembers Cecilia. “We’ll meet you in St. Louis and I was like Mom, don’t leave me. Don’t leave me here. And she had to go.”

It took two long and arduous hours to pry free Cecilia’s mangled legs from the strong steel of the vehicle. Once they were free from the car, both brother and sister were air lifted to the hospital. That night Cecilia was told that her brother Joe was most likely not going to make it, and if she did make it that her legs would probably have to be amputated.

Joe went into a coma, while Cecilia endured four surgeries in which she had 4 titanium rods and over 30 metal screws placed into her legs and right ankle. She then slowly began her journey on the road to recovery, with a great deal of physical therapy and rehabilitation.

Her tremendous courage pushed her to persevere through all that she faced. Cecilia always had a great love for singing and for riding horses. She sang through out her treatment and dreamed of one day being able to get back on her horse and go riding…

Her brother eventually came out of his coma 2 months after the accident, and is by some miracle on the long road to recovery, with minor memory difficulties.

After a year-long journey, with her will to overcome immense obstacles and the support she received from family and friends she is not only walking, but she is also saddling and riding her horse!

She wears our bracelet etched with the old cowgirl saying, ‘Always saddle your own horse’, as a constant reminder of what she has accomplished since her accident.




Thank you to Cecllia, her family and friends for sharing this incredible story with us… We make our jewelry to inspire others…but a lot of times it goes the other way around…others inspire us with their strength, fortitude and reverie.

Ride on Cecillia…

Peace, Love & Horses,



…california dreamin’…

Hotel California

Lets Take a road trip on Pacific Coast Highway together, better yet lets take a trip back in time, to the days of bell bottoms, protest signs, long hair and rose colored glasses…

Hotel California, in Santa Monica California holds the infamous name from the Eagles 1970’s tribute to the times and the birthplace of the hippie culture.

Was this song merely a literal reference to a memorable stay at this now quiet and quaint beach bum hotel…? I think not. Most would probably agree its about a bit more.

The 60’s and 70’s were a time of new experiences, a time of war, a time of peace, a time of love and a time to experiment. Not everything that transpired during that time was positive, but there is no doubt that there has never been another time in our nations history quite like it.

The song Hotel California by the Eagles is a perfect summation of the good the bad and the ugly of California’s hippie revolution. California’s coast is a place of so much beauty, and temptation. To this day people still flock to the beautiful sunny coast, the waves, the “pretty people”, and the bright lights of Hollywood… Each in search of their own stay at Hotel California.



Five Positives that came out of the Hippie heyday:

1.The FASHION! I mean come on, this is obviously at the top of the list as for every Island Cowgirl. The leather, embroidery, The fringe and the beads! Its all way to much to take in at once now, but, it was radical and it worked. Minus the lack of hygiene, that could have been avoided.

2. The Music! That was the original inspiration behind this posting after all! The music had so much soul, the lyrics told stories and the instruments evoked emotion. Basically all i can say is… WOODSTOCK. If you weren’t there i bet you wish you had been.

3. The Civil Rights movement baby! MLK (God Bless Him) need i say more?

4. The Female Voice! During the hippie revolution women were letting it ALL hang out, and standing up for their beliefs. We don’t need to burn bras any more thanks to the lovely crusaders of that time!

5. The Arts! Andy Warhol, who was also a HUGE  pop culture influence came out of this decade and made a great impact on California’s psychedelic art scene. Unfortunately, much of the art work from the time period was drug induced…but the art, art like Warhol’s, was still outstanding and deserves absolute recognition for its impact on the modern art world.


This is our California Dreaming Bracelet …$172.

Everyone has been touched by the Spirit that resides in California, it ignites a fire in the soul that burns to create, imagine, and explore. This bracelet shows our Island Cowgirl love for California.





Island Cowgirl


…why blend in when you were born to stand out?


“One of A Kind Bracelet ($216)/ 3 Stacking rings ($26-32)/Past Present Future Ring ($42)”

Recently there has been a HUGE surge of inspiration in the studio, which has resulted in several gorgeous one of a kind pieces. We’re absolutely in LOVE this multi-chain bracelet, with a cute little tulip charm. The two tones of silver and different chain styles add so much dimension to the look. Its like three bracelets in one…This is a one-of-a-kind and available by phoning our store at 714-580-9909.

The perfect bracelet for any outfit and its fun to mix with rings, like we did above with our Past, Present & Future Ring, Twisted Rope, Baby Heart and Multi-blob Stacking Ring.

Visit our website at to see the whole collection!

Island Cowgirl

…’tis the season to be hippy…

Bohemian hippy christmas

We just put the finishing touches on our holiday displays at the store…Our little elves have decorated it real pretty and trimmed the tree with care. We have LOTS of great new gifts and stocking stuffers. We especially like our up-cycled blue jean Ipad Covers ($40)…they make a wonderful gift. I know everytime I have mine on a plane someone asks me where I got it. Ryan & I get all of the jeans from local flea markets here in Southern California…and his mom, Ann, (who also made my wedding dress) sews them by hand.  Don’t forget our playful Animal Mittens…we have cows, pigs, bunnies, puppies & more.
Check out our new recycled wood inspirational wall hangings…and we have plenty of handmade felt Christmas Ornaments. Feel free to phone the store and they can send you pictures & prices of whatever you may be interested in…714-580-9909

dr seuss birdhouses

We love our new chalkboard earring display…Samantha had a lot of fun doing the poem & artwork on it…Also just in are our Dr. Seuss Birdhouses. Available in may colors & styles…Just give us a ring. We are gonna have a very Hippy Christmas here at Island Cowgirl in Huntington Beach!

…get wrapped up…

Inspirational Wrap bracelet pearl

Get wrapped up in our awesome leather wrap bracelets. Wrap bracelets are all the rage right now and are sure to be a big hit under the tree. They are great to stack with our cuffs, silver charm bracelets or leather inspirational bracelets. The one featured above is our Anais Wrap Bracelet has a quote from Anais Nin on it which reads “we don’t see things as they are…we see them as they are…” This is more true than we know. Cream colored Swarovski pearls are dotted around the chocolate brown leather.

Inspirational leather wrap bracelets

Our Only From the Heart bracelet is hand etched with the words “only from the heart can you touch the sky” onto natural dyed latigo bridal leather…and our Boho Big Heart Wrap is strung on baby soft red suede. All of these inspirational handmade bracelets are available online at