feeling the local love*

Screen Shot 2014-03-18 at 12.33.44 PMA BIG thanks to Huntington Beach’s own ‘Main & PCH Blog‘! Recently they did an amazing feature on Island Cowgirl Jewelry and Flagship Store.

Main & PCH‘ is a phenomenal asset in supporting local Huntington Beach businesses. They feature food, events, artists and lifestyle of the HB community.

We couldn’t appreciate their recognition more! It was a great write up and we feel really blessed as the Island Cowgirl family to have this fabulous mention on such a well respected blog.

Make sure to check out their website, you’re sure to stumble upon some great local treasures and first hand info on upcoming festivities in the Surf City community!



things are blossoming @ our flagship store*

Love, love, LOVE the new spring window display at our Flagship store. Its filled with tons of great season appropriate inspiration. Giant carrots, butterflies and flowers are just some of the decorations that can be seen in our store front! If you live in or near Huntington Beach make sure to stop by and check it out for your self!


springdisp1 springdisp2 spingdisp3 springdisp4

…new things on the horizon…


Who goofs off on the job? No silly Sallys around here! No sir! We get down to business!

springblog2 springblog

This may appear to be a fluffy english sheepdog, but Nigel, he’s is all about focus! No shenanigans are tolerated while he’s on set! He directs production.


Oh and don’t let the eyes fool you… Bonnie Bell is our lead styling assistant here, she tries to stay behind the scenes.

It’s all quiet serious really. No funny business. WORK. WORK. WORK.
springblog6Just kidding… We love this stuff and we laugh all day long.

Its good to be an Island Cowgirl!

Keep an eye out for our new lifestyle photography, coming soon to the site!


…we LOVE our dawgs…


Oh…the many faces of Nigel. Also known as Nigelicious, Fat Face and Angel of Love…(AOL for short).

For those of you who don’t already know him, allow me to introduce our brand mascot Mister Nigel. Heather’s Old English Sheepdog…


And then of course there is Bonnie. Bonnie-Bell…who is not so amused at all by all the ruckus of the younger dogs here. She is a bit of an grumpy old lady…but we love her just the same.

All of us here at Island Cowgirl are dog lovers to the maximum degree. We believe dogs are just angels in dog costumes…and we love having them around. They make us laugh, give us a nice break in the day and most of all they are wonderful snugglers. Most of us have become impervious to dog slobber & dog hair…as a requirement of the job.

We are so blessed to work in a space that we can have our favorite animals running free, and stopping by to pay us little visits at our desks.

furislovecoloblog copy

So much of our jewelry is influenced by this love of furry friends.

One of our favorites is our ‘Fur is Love’ Bracelet. It’s the perfect little ode to your best friend.

Dogs bring a smile to our faces and on a tough day… just make the world a little bit better.

If you are a dog lover, you know what we mean.


Wags and Kisses,

Island Cowgirl & Nigel-icious

…why blend in when you were born to stand out?


“One of A Kind Bracelet ($216)/ 3 Stacking rings ($26-32)/Past Present Future Ring ($42)”

Recently there has been a HUGE surge of inspiration in the studio, which has resulted in several gorgeous one of a kind pieces. We’re absolutely in LOVE this multi-chain bracelet, with a cute little tulip charm. The two tones of silver and different chain styles add so much dimension to the look. Its like three bracelets in one…This is a one-of-a-kind and available by phoning our store at 714-580-9909.

The perfect bracelet for any outfit and its fun to mix with rings, like we did above with our Past, Present & Future Ring, Twisted Rope, Baby Heart and Multi-blob Stacking Ring.

Visit our website at www.islandcowgirl.com to see the whole collection!

Island Cowgirl

…’tis the season to be hippy…

Bohemian hippy christmas

We just put the finishing touches on our holiday displays at the store…Our little elves have decorated it real pretty and trimmed the tree with care. We have LOTS of great new gifts and stocking stuffers. We especially like our up-cycled blue jean Ipad Covers ($40)…they make a wonderful gift. I know everytime I have mine on a plane someone asks me where I got it. Ryan & I get all of the jeans from local flea markets here in Southern California…and his mom, Ann, (who also made my wedding dress) sews them by hand.  Don’t forget our playful Animal Mittens…we have cows, pigs, bunnies, puppies & more.
Check out our new recycled wood inspirational wall hangings…and we have plenty of handmade felt Christmas Ornaments. Feel free to phone the store and they can send you pictures & prices of whatever you may be interested in…714-580-9909

dr seuss birdhouses

We love our new chalkboard earring display…Samantha had a lot of fun doing the poem & artwork on it…Also just in are our Dr. Seuss Birdhouses. Available in may colors & styles…Just give us a ring. We are gonna have a very Hippy Christmas here at Island Cowgirl in Huntington Beach!

…inspired by you…

Island Cowgirl Inspirational Jewelry

Some customer love! This is a photo sent to us from one of our awesome customers…Now we all know I am a big fan of stacking bracelets higher & higher and she has done it just right.

The top leather bracelet is our I Am Not Afraid Bracelet, and the bottom two cuffs are retired pieces from our archives…

I L*O*V*E the native american indian cuff she has on in the middle with the Carnelian stone…I love to collect vintage Navaho, Apache & Zuni Indian belt buckles and this reminds me of them. I am not sure which tribe that is from…but it is a beauty.

My great grandmother was American Indian…part of the Iroquois tribe of upstate New York. My mom always said that is where I got my perseverance from…my grandma. (Others would say stubborn-ness)

Send us photos of how you wear your Island Cowgirl…We would LOVE to see them…

Happy Trails!

…nigel finds art…

This is Nigel. He likes art. But mostly he likes going on bike rides…and on this fine Thursday afternoon he is ready to rock.

We grab our bike, a basket full of hand knit scarves that a friend just delivered to me and head over to the store to see a guy about some bird houses.

And not just any bird house. The most colorful, Dr. Seuss-like bird houses you ever did lay your eyes on.

So Dave came by with his pickup truck stuffed to the brim with this explosion of colorful birdhouses. Are you in love yet? We promtly proceeded to take over most of the parking lot and build a little bird house city…of course I had to see every single one. And of course I loved each one more than the last. It was almost impossible to pick. I wanted them. All.

I want the pink one. No…the blue one.

The coolest thing is that Dave came by way of a friend of mine in Arizona who owns a gallery…and he happened to be driving up the coast meeting his galleries so he offered to come by and let me pick some out…Serendipity at work again.
It is not even winter yet and I cannot wait to design my spring window display around Dave’s amazing bird houses.
I may get the pink one for myself…I think it may be just to pad to lure back Ernastine Hummingbird next spring.
Happy Trails!

…our store by the sea…

Island Cowgirl Boutique


We are so proud of our little store by the sea…It all began almost by accident 4 years ago when I wandered by a “For Rent” sign on Main Street. And every year it just keeps getting better & better. I just returned from a round of buying trips and we have some fabulous new finds coming in everyday.

One of the wonderful things about having a store is that I get to carry all of my friends work!…How awesome is that. Each and every one of us struggles to live out our lives as an artist and yet be true to our vision…and somehow manage to run a business in the middle of it all. It is not an easy path…but one that we would not have any other way.

If you are in Huntington Beach, Californa please stop by and say howdy…and don’t forget to live out loud.

Peace, love & horses….


…surrounded by love…

Valentine’s day is one of our favorite days around the store…And as you can see I love to make hearts. Hearts with words, hearts without words, big hearts, little hearts…pretty much hearts of any shape…As a child my homework was always doodled with hearts. (It often got me in trouble…I don’t think my science teachers truly appreciated my artistic side…)

Our windows this year are an explosion of red & rose petals…my girls did such an awesome job with them…And we hope to pass along the love…

Love is noisy. Love is messy. Love is inconvenient. Love is hard. And love is rare.

But really…when everything else falls away.
Love really is where its at.

At least for me it is.



…jewelry, anyone?…

Check out the new vintage jewelry sign we found for the store…Not only is my boyfriend an excellent Sherpa but he is also a pretty skilled picker.

He found this completely rad sign at an Antique Mall while driving down PCH the other day…how could we pass this up! It needed to find a new home at the Island Cowgirl Flagship store.

At 7ft tall I wasn’t sure how he was going to get it home…but he found a way…Gotta love it! It is sure to attract lots of attention & looks awesome in the store.

Happy Trails!