upcycled displays*

As you know we LOVE flea markets, barn sales, antique stores and pretty much anything retro…so when we found these salvaged window frames at our friend Heide’s store Village Vintage in Leipers Fork we knew we had to make them into something cool. Continue reading

…important holiday info…


A little info for the locals… We’ve extended our flagship store hours to 8pm every night…

last day

and for the non locals… our last day to place orders for overnight shipping will be Monday the 23rd before 3pm pst!

Hope this helps all of our last minute IC shoppers!


…the holiday party…


We hope everyone who came out to the holiday party enjoyed the special deals, new one of a kind pieces, eggnog and cupcakes! We know we had a great time!



It was a wonderful way to kick off the holidays!

xoxoxo hohoho

…why blend in when you were born to stand out?


“One of A Kind Bracelet ($216)/ 3 Stacking rings ($26-32)/Past Present Future Ring ($42)”

Recently there has been a HUGE surge of inspiration in the studio, which has resulted in several gorgeous one of a kind pieces. We’re absolutely in LOVE this multi-chain bracelet, with a cute little tulip charm. The two tones of silver and different chain styles add so much dimension to the look. Its like three bracelets in one…This is a one-of-a-kind and available by phoning our store at 714-580-9909.

The perfect bracelet for any outfit and its fun to mix with rings, like we did above with our Past, Present & Future Ring, Twisted Rope, Baby Heart and Multi-blob Stacking Ring.

Visit our website at www.islandcowgirl.com to see the whole collection!

Island Cowgirl

…get wrapped up…

Inspirational Wrap bracelet pearl

Get wrapped up in our awesome leather wrap bracelets. Wrap bracelets are all the rage right now and are sure to be a big hit under the tree. They are great to stack with our cuffs, silver charm bracelets or leather inspirational bracelets. The one featured above is our Anais Wrap Bracelet has a quote from Anais Nin on it which reads “we don’t see things as they are…we see them as they are…” This is more true than we know. Cream colored Swarovski pearls are dotted around the chocolate brown leather.

Inspirational leather wrap bracelets

Our Only From the Heart bracelet is hand etched with the words “only from the heart can you touch the sky” onto natural dyed latigo bridal leather…and our Boho Big Heart Wrap is strung on baby soft red suede. All of these inspirational handmade bracelets are available online at http://www.islandcowgirl.com

…spread love & good cheer…

Island Cowgirl Inspirational Love Ring

As we go into the holiday season and things get super hectic around the studio & the store…here is a ring that I love to wear as a reminder to spread love & good cheer.

Which can be a little hard when we are feeling pulled in a 100 different directions…trying to get everything done and make everyone happy. So today…I am going to sit & chill for just a brief shining moment and remind myself what is important, what I am grateful for  & all of the things that make my heart beat a little faster.

Ok…now back to work! We have Christmas trees to put up & poinsettias to water…


…brighten your day…

As many of you know we have an Island Cowgirl Flagship store in Huntington Beach…and one of the best things about having the store is that we get to carry a wonderful array of hand made artists work. Finding and discovering new talent and sharing it with my customers is one of the most awesome feelings I know.

We have been wanting to carry these hand painted wooden hearts for quite some time…a daughter of a gallery owner that carries my jewelry makes them. That is often how we ferret out the most fabulous finds…they always seem to come through the grapevine and land serendipitously in my path…just when we need them most.

No matter what…these just seem to make everyone who walks in the store smile. Mission accomplished!

If you love them as much as I do give the store a call at 714-580-9909…and they can send you pictures of what is available!



…our store by the sea…

Island Cowgirl Boutique


We are so proud of our little store by the sea…It all began almost by accident 4 years ago when I wandered by a “For Rent” sign on Main Street. And every year it just keeps getting better & better. I just returned from a round of buying trips and we have some fabulous new finds coming in everyday.

One of the wonderful things about having a store is that I get to carry all of my friends work!…How awesome is that. Each and every one of us struggles to live out our lives as an artist and yet be true to our vision…and somehow manage to run a business in the middle of it all. It is not an easy path…but one that we would not have any other way.

If you are in Huntington Beach, Californa please stop by and say howdy…and don’t forget to live out loud.

Peace, love & horses….


…surrounded by love…

Valentine’s day is one of our favorite days around the store…And as you can see I love to make hearts. Hearts with words, hearts without words, big hearts, little hearts…pretty much hearts of any shape…As a child my homework was always doodled with hearts. (It often got me in trouble…I don’t think my science teachers truly appreciated my artistic side…)

Our windows this year are an explosion of red & rose petals…my girls did such an awesome job with them…And we hope to pass along the love…

Love is noisy. Love is messy. Love is inconvenient. Love is hard. And love is rare.

But really…when everything else falls away.
Love really is where its at.

At least for me it is.



…yarn bombing 101…

We deceided to yarn bomb a child’s bicycle for the Island Cowgirl store window this spring…The end result turned out pretty awesome…

However, we learned a few things…1) It takes a lot of time and 2) It takes even more yarn..3) And let’s not forget about patience…mega-patience.

For those of you that have no idea what I am talking about…Yarn bombing is a crazy fad that came out of Europe.  A form of nouveau grafitti…with yarn instead of paint…or more officiously known as “attaching unauthorized yarn to public structures”. I am not sure who would have the authority to authorize yarn attachment…so it really is no wonder that no one bothers to ask permission.

I think this is my favorite…a London Phone booth. Gotta love the British.

They even did the tree behind the car…which I find sheer genius.

A bus? Really? A bus? Love. It.

Happy Sunday..




…spring magic…

…more spring magic from my awesome girls at the store…they always amaze me with their ability to make everything so boho chic.

Check out the cool new vintage doors we found…we love them!

And yes, those pillows are for sale…and we can customize them to say pretty much anything!