peace leather bracelet faith leather bracelet

peace, faith & love*

…”love is the key that opens the heart…peace is the light that guides the way and faith is the certainty that sees us through…”
Our Big PeaceBig Love and Big Faith Bracelets on chocolate leather are some of my favorite bracelets to wear depending on my thoughts for the day…and yes…there are some days when I need all three…and stack them up high…


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leipers fork store

island cowgirl leipers fork*

We did it! Our little country store in Leipers Fork is now open and we couldn’t be happier. Everyone pitched in and lent a hand…a big thanks to Ann, my husband’s Mom, who worked tirelessly helping us price everything and clean. Continue reading

a little love*

Woohoo! We are so excited to be included in the July edition of Smart Retailer magazine…not only did they feature our store in Marathon Village…but they did a really awesome Q & A with me on the story behind Island Cowgirl.

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what’s new in our world*

Howdy…Besides being in the middle of Tradeshow season we have some exciting news! We are proud to announce our new store which will be opening in Leipers Fork, TN.

For those of you who have been following along with our move to Nashville in the past year you know that part of the reason we moved here was that we fell in love with the little village of Leipers Fork.  Continue reading

elephant necklace

elephants and dogs*

…our Elephant Necklace travelled off to a charity auction for the Ghetto Rescue Foundation in California…They were kind enough to send us a lovely thank you note and let us know the auction was a great success…
Thank you for all of the work you do for the dogs…we sure do appreciate it!

from cma fest with love

Here are some of our favorite memories from this years CMA Fest which we were honored to be a part of…We met people from all over the world including Denmark, the UK and Austrailia who made a special trip to Nashville just to hear us jam…they were some of the most enthusiastic, happiest fans we have come across. There was even one group who’s flight was cancelled in Upstate NY who walked out, rented a car and drove 16 hours. Now that is dedication… Continue reading

gypsy vanner

show me your horses

…the more we work with horse rescues who take horses out of deplorable conditions the more we learn this to be a big true.

Two of our favorite rescues are Sunkissed Acres and TheraPony…If you are feeling generous today they would love to have your Starbucks money for today! Even $5 would go a long way…

gypsy vanner

postcards from the farm*

Here are a few postcards from the farm this spring…We moved to Tennessee one year ago this May on a wing and a prayer…with the wind at our back we sold our beach house in California and moved across the country. In the past year we have opened a store, built a farm, a barn, got another horse and learned a lot that we didn’t know about living on the land. It has been a wild ride…but we wouldn’t trade it for anything… Continue reading

find your courage to fly*

I love this.

“Courage is different than Bravery. It is from the Latin word “Cour” which means heart…
The original meaning was “to tell the story of who you are with your whole heart”…
So really it is the courage to be imperfect. To have compassion. To be kind to yourself and others.”

Our leather toggle wrap Find Your Courage to Fly Bracelet is perfect to remind yourself of this…