…yarn bombing 101…

We deceided to yarn bomb a child’s bicycle for the Island Cowgirl store window this spring…The end result turned out pretty awesome…

However, we learned a few things…1) It takes a lot of time and 2) It takes even more yarn..3) And let’s not forget about patience…mega-patience.

For those of you that have no idea what I am talking about…Yarn bombing is a crazy fad that came out of Europe.  A form of nouveau grafitti…with yarn instead of paint…or more officiously known as “attaching unauthorized yarn to public structures”. I am not sure who would have the authority to authorize yarn attachment…so it really is no wonder that no one bothers to ask permission.

I think this is my favorite…a London Phone booth. Gotta love the British.

They even did the tree behind the car…which I find sheer genius.

A bus? Really? A bus? Love. It.

Happy Sunday..