leipers fork tennesee

can words describe*

Not entirely sure why…but I am having a torrid love affair with spring…Perhaps it is the fact that we are in the middle of one of the most beautiful areas of Tennessee…or the fact that we just went through what was described as the worst winter in 30 years…but spring seems especially sweet this year. Continue reading

leipers fork yardsale*

We popped by the Leipers Fork Yard sale last weekend…It is a fund raising event for ┬áLeipers Fork & the surrounding communities…The proceeds of the event are placed in a community fund and are given to people in the community as needed. This may include utility bills, groceries & presents for children at Christmas time. Continue reading

old english sheepdog nashville farm


…every morning Nigel waits for his new friends Mason & Dixon to sneak under the fence and play…
They usually last about 5 laps around the barn…

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