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americasmart 2013

Tradeshow season update….Every year we go to tradeshows. Every year we try to bring something new to the table.

This year besides having over 60 new designs…we got super ambitious. We decided to give our booth a major face lift and a radically new look. Which in my world usually means projects. And when anyone even remotely close to me hears me begin a sentence with the words “I have this idea”… or “I was thinking we should..” they usually run in the other direction because they know it means a project. And my projects are never simple…they usually involve crafting lots of complicated things out of not very readily available materials in a very specific manner…the blueprint of which only really resides in my head and of which no one else is privy to.

You see I am really good at dreaming up cool things to make. I am super duper lousy at drawing them out and explaining them to others. Which usually drives my reluctant volunteers crazy.

So my first task is to find some volunteers with the skills to execute my vision. Because god knows…I cannot sew and I cannot wood work. I would probably stitch my thumb and forefinger together in the first five minutes…and then cut them both off with the band saw shortly after.

Enter my new family members…

Did I marry into the most generous and crafty family ever or what?…a big giant huge shout out to my mother in law who slaved away yet again (and she thought the wedding dress was gonna be the end of the sewing tasks) making our new denim drapes. ¬†After many trips to Good Will to buy up all the biggest sized jeans they had….she whipped them into shape and they were spectacular.

And my Bob-the-Builder husband, (who besides looking great in his tool belt) scanned Craigslist for months to find recycled fence post wood to make into all of our new necklace & bracelet displays…it took him a few solid weekends in the back yard…and I am sure he would have rather been doing other things…but he never complained…gotta love midwestern boys.

I love you guys. You totally rock. My booth looked even better than I had imagined it would.

americasmart booth