…postcards from Tucson…

white stallion ranch

Every year I go to Tucson to the Gem Show that they hold there in February…I took a little detour this time at the end of my trip to spend a few days at a magical place called the White Stallion Ranch. I love finding out-of-the-way places to explore when I travel and this one does not disappoint. It is a 3000 acre ranch that has been family owned since 1965. It was built-in the 1900’s and originally began as a cattle ranch. They have over 120 horses on the property…and as you can see they are just as friendly as can be.


While sitting at breakfast (which is about as down home and yummy as can be) I met a lovely lady who is an artist. She was a bold and bright soul who at the age of 37 up and decided she wanted to live in the Grand Canyon. So she did. She spent 20 years as a mule guide in the Grand Canyon and also owned the beauty shop there. She is now retired but had ventured down to the ranch for a day of painting landscapes with her artist group.

I spent the day wandering around…bringing coffee to a few of the artists who were brave enough to paint in the early morning cold…and watching Diesel.


Diesel is probably the biggest horse I have ever seen. I was told he was close to 1600 lbs…and an absolute love bug. He has a great goatee too. Diesel was very interested in sniffing, pushing and trying to eat this artists paints…or painting…not really sure which. He chewed a bit on his artists case…


So there you have it…The White Stallion Ranch…I am sure to go back again soon!
~peace, love & horses