inspirational jewelry leather wrap bracelet

new spring collections*

We launched our new collection in the last few weeks…and it has been pretty awesome. It is such a tough thing to put your heart and soul into a new collection for months on end…and not really know for sure if you all are going to like it or not!

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…tattoo love…

tattooOne of our favorite retailers Jen from Quirks of Art in Williamsburg, VA. sent us this recently. A customer of hers bought our Fear and Wisdom Bracelet which reads “to conquer fear is the beginning of wisdom…”. I love this quote desperately… and apparently he did too…as he had it tattooed on his wrist! His friends are also wearing the bracelet as they posed for this picture…what a great shot.

This is a testament to the power of words…and we are humbly honored to share this with you. Thanks to my friend Jen for sending this to us! We love hearing all of your inspirational stories!